A question for pro-choice/pro-abortion people

Help me understand or attempt to convert me to your side of the argument.

Let me first off say, I have been pro-life since High School. I have done tons of research on the issue, and seen videos of what an abortion actually entails. It’s not a pretty site to see. My best friend is pro-choice for the first trimester. He and I have spirited, but friendly debates on the issue.

Here’s why I have major problems with the Pro-Choice side of the argument:

Everybody understands that when you have unprotected sex, you may get pregnant. It’s not a guarantee, but there’s a possibility.

If somebody is not ready to be a mother or a father, why are they having unprotected sex? Why didn’t the woman take the morning after pill? Why didn’t the man wear a condom? Why wasn’t the woman on birth control?

People can urge, this isn’t my business all they want. But when another human life is at stake, it’s our business as a society that claims to be moral and respects the dignity of human life.

When I ask reasonable pro-choicers about whether or not life begins at conception, they all agree it does. Their issue stems from the government telling the woman what to do with that human life during the early stages of pregnancy.

Everybody agrees that a freedom is not a freedom, if it hurts another person. You cannot argue that a husband has the freedom to beat up his wife, because the woman has the right to live without getting hurt or mentally/physically abused. If my next door neighbor buys a new red mustang, I do not have the right to take his keys and go for a joy ride, and then later claim, it’s my car now. But according to Pro-choice logic, a freedom is not a freedom if it hurts somebody else, UNLESS we’re talking about a pregnant woman.

More over, no pro-lifer is arguing that the biological parents MUST raise the child. I say give it to an infertile couple. Give it to a homosexual couple. Give it to a trans couple. Why is destroying a human life the best or the most logical solution?


Nobody is pro-abortion.

Genuinely we believe women should be given a choice with what she does with her body. It’s sad that so many women feel that having an abortion is their best and smartest decision to make, but that’s where we’re at.

Personally, i am Pro-Mother because I believe we should invest in Motherhood. It would cost money, but programs to make motherhood less burdensome would encourage women to be mothers. No woman should feel that her life is over because a mistake happened during sex. Pro life shouldn’t end at birth. I believe all mothers matter.

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Yeah, you’re obviously completely open minded about the subject.

You realize no contraceptive is 100% effective, right?

You already agree that the fetus is not a member of the woman’s body.

It’s her house. It’s her resources.

Kid has bootstraps.

Incubation technology is improving. Right? We’re still funding that because of all the lives that would be saved.

The Matrix told me we’d already have artificial wombs by now.

No form of contraception is 100% effective. Abstinence is never going to work because having sex is a basic human impulse which means people will always get pregnant. As for adoption the fact that so many are in care tells me your answer of giving babies to childless couples whilst admirable isnt a solution.

We are told time and time again by conservatives on this forum that if you want to end poverty and homelessness then liberals need to take the homeless into their homes and give all their money to the poor. By that logic why does not every adult who feels abortion is immoral not taking into their home at least one unwanted child? Its because its a stupid solution to a very complex issue.

Remind me to never accept an invite from you to come over.

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Don’t crash my house when i wasn’t expecting you.

The woman and any medical lynch mob she hired would get more due process than her child did.

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Choosing to engage in the activity that results in conception is the invitation to come in.

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Are you saying a woman should not have sex unless she’s in a position where she’s able to raise a child?

That and because it will make women unnecessary.

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Calvin, I respect your question. I know you’re an earnest fellow. But I don’t see how you can’t sit for a few minutes and imagine how it would be to be the sex that becomes impregnated, and then imagine scenarios in your life where a pregnancy would be devastating or where you are simply in a situation where you simply don’t have the means or support to go through with it.

I never had one, but as a woman I can easily envision situations where I would run not walk to an abortion clinic. I never got pregnant when I didn’t want to, because birth control, but there were times I was terrified BC had failed. What would I have done then? Honestly don’t know.

Pregnancy is physically hard. It takes a toll on the body. You have to do a lot of stuff to take care of it. When I was in my 20s I worked a hard physical outdoor job. Was I just supposed to keep working that job as I got bigger and bigger? When people asked me if I was pregnant, was I supposed to say, " well yeah, not keeping it though." That just doesn’t seem doable to me.

I don’t like abortion. I don’t like forcing women to go through with an unwanted pregnancy either. That’s why I’m ok with the first trimester idea. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out one is pregnant, and then time to decide what to do. While the fetus is tiny and totally dependent on the woman, her rights to control her body and her right to private medical intervention override any rights of the baby. I think that is a fair way to go


Woman aren’t good for anything but being incubation chambers for men?

Worked for me through high school and college


Some people don’t have the same access though.