A Question About Racism in the US

Is there any point in US history in which there was less racism in this country than today?

  • No, there is less racism today than at any other time in US history
  • Yes, there was less racism in the US in…(please explain when and why)

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define racism are we talking about personal interaction or the concept of institutionalized racism via government mandate.

And the quibbling and evasion begins.

Include both in your calculation and then explain when and why it was less previously.


I would say both are decreasing as people of other cultures freely interact, there still exist preserved racism it can be seen everyday in the personal experiences of minorities. Simply removing laws does not magically remove ingrained social, culture, economic beliefs in a instant It takes generations.

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I mean of course there is less racism now. How can anyone say otherwise.

Yes…prior 2008. Not because of Obama but actions of what libs done after his election.

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Definitely the least racist time in American history when taken as a whole.

Have there been flare ups? Yes, on both sides of the equation.

But overall, i would say it’s better in 2021 than it has been in the past. I feel like we, as a society, have made consistent progress since the 1960s.

I use the “what kind of look do I get when I’m holding a white girl’s hands in public” test. I get far less weird looks today at 31 years old than I did when I was 18.


I’m guessing he means racism by whites against minorities. If he is including racism against whites, I probably answered the pole wrong.

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Can you provide an example please.

Racism still has roots in government, the war on drugs is prime example.
though I would say that institutional racism and moved toward more economic based its more about keeping minorities poor now.

Please show link of “keeping minorities poor”.

Many in various forms of public assistance are white.


Yes, Whites are 70% of the U.S population.
Blacks are 12% of the population and make up 39% of welfare claim based on your information more then Whites 38% even though Whites outnumber them 7/1.

You will see similar trend with other minority groups.

Please prove this is due to racism.

Here is one factor that can ensure financial hardship:

Who is making these individuals have and raise babies outside of a stable, married relationship?

Black immigrants are not only accepted into the U S, but are faring better than their native born counterparts. If racism is “keeping minorities poor”, how are they succeeding?

How about these guys?


As far as individuals of varying backgrounds associating with each other, I believe there to be less racism than there was decades ago. I’m willing to bet the only individual I knew who spoke of racially mixed individuals being “not pure” and “no one will ever marry them” died years ago.

However, when it comes to institutional, legal racism, we’re faring poorly, IMO. The only difference between such initiatives now and, say 50 years ago, is today they’re disguised with such sweet sounding names as diversity and tolerance.

White employees at Massachusetts’ Smith College being asked to describe their whiteness in problematic terms? Exercise in diversity.

Negative qualities assumed to be limited to whites? That’s getting woke at Coke.

Assuming black people got jobs or university acceptances solely because of their race? That’s affirmative action—laws that have benefited unqualified white women far more than the racial and ethnic minorities they were intended to help.

Racism has moved from the n word being thrown around left and right to assumptions being made about people solely based on their background(s).

“You will see similar trend with other minority groups.”

White, wealthy. Non white or racially mixed, impoverished.


‘Scuse me while I have a good laugh somewhere.

“We” have been on a good road for a long time now, ending racism and integrating as a unified culture. As people die in our country, so does the racism they harbored. Now look at the other end of the spectrum and I see children of mixed races and it’s very, very common. Racism is being perpetuated by the shepherds to further their agendas but in truth, it’s dying quickly.

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The first incident of blatant racism I ever saw was towards a white person. Equal opportunity. :man_shrugging:

Question #2. if there is less racism today than ever before, why is it a focus for policy?

I answered yes, there was a time there was less and that was before Obama took office.

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Election of Obama…first Black president.

Then libs played the race card on anyone that opposed him.