A president getting to testify under oath in a sexual assault case

Will he settle this case or testify under oath in January? The timing could be interesting since he is to be deposed by the end of January.

When I hear the words, “sexual assault”…I think of a violent sexual rape…as I’m sure most people do? Look at the headline of the article and what do you immediately imagine took place that has turned this lady’s world upside down? Then reading this further, the allegation is that Trump “repeatedly touched her, groped her, and kissed her” and the basis for this allegation is based on cellphone calls? My gosh people…it’s Kavanaugh vs Ford all over again. I would never harm a woman and would stand against an assailant, that’s how I’m wired but there must also be a line the other way too and this one has crossed it IMHO.

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What is the claim in the suit?

That after what she alleged happened, she kept coming back? That’s a good point…why would she?

Irrefutable proof of allegations?

Hey, hey, hey…it’s right there in the headline. It must be true? Now think of all the cellphone calls going on right now…at this very moment. I wonder if all of the males in this world understand that their call…is irrefutable proof…of sexual assault? :sunglasses:

This is just so out of character for the President.

I don’t see why anyone would believe it.


It’s a defamation lawsuit… This case will get to test whether he lied about her…

Phone records will prove he sexually assaulted her? Irrefutably?

It will prove his lies about his location…

Ok, how does that irrefutably prove sexual assault?

It doesn’t and he can either settle or testify under oath.

But your article…

“This is irrefutable proof!”

“It’s not proof, but he did lie!”

Y’all got him now! :rofl:

Since 2017 everything has been described as “irrefutable proof” – in the Russia probe, Ukraine, collusion, Windy Daniels, and on and on.

Here’s libs over the last few years:

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If she was sexually assaulted, why would she “settle”?

He gets to testify under oath and tell his version of the truth or he can settle… I’m betting he is going to settle… :rofl:

He is so going to settle.

Telling the truth is the President’s kryptonite.

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If the settlement included an acknowledgement of the truth, I’m pretty sure she would settle…