A new Worldwide Called "The Leaders of the Free World

I am posting to suggest that it is time for Trump to reconfigure US alliances. At present many of the US’s globalist “allies” are actually working surreptitiously to undermine US sovereignty, as they are also working to quash nationalist populist movements around the world, such as in Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania and Great Britain, and maybe even Russia. Trump should call together countries who believe in the independent statehood and sovereignty and willing to embrace the protection of the God-given individual freedoms. enshrined in the US Bill of Rights. Trump should also lay down the somewhat arrogant claim of the US being the Leader of the Free World and instead designate all signatories to this new alliance as Leaders of the Free World.


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so NATO?

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Which countries did you have in mind?

There is no doubt that there are two forces fighting right now for control. One side wants borders and to maintain their many centuries old individual cultures, while the other desires only one race in the end.

I named some that have growing nationalist populist anti-globalist movements. I think an open invitation to coalesce strategically with the US in a formal alternative to globalism may encourage those movements to push for their nations to exit the globalist network and to formalise a charter on individual citizens’ rights.

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Some people are saying an alliance between US and North Korea and Somalia is in the works. That’ll show the rest of the world we mean business!

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Hard to see those two nations’ governments embracing individual freedoms and rights any time soon. I presume those saying that are intent on miscasting Trump as a dictator of their ilk. The true dictators are autocrats like the unelected EU rulers who give votes to their citizens and then ignore the results, and the Democrats who ignore the results of elections in the US because the will of the people was not the will of the Democrat politburo.



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Have any links to anyone saying the US, North Korea and Somalia has an alliance in the works.

Please show your work. Thank you in advance.

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So you’re advocating for racial purity?

That makes no sense whatsoever.

Yeah…I know. Now tell that to Viktor Orban.

Not race, culture.

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If any of Trump’s rhetoric and/or policies impede our influence on those who violate human rights, it is a horrible thing. Fortunately I believe that most of the world leaders realize that Trump and his America first isolationism is a temporary thing. And I am hopeful that the damage he is doing to some of our relationships will not take long to repair once he is gone.

Nope. Just know that some people are saying this.


Who is saying it? Your friends? Politicians?

I’ve never herd anyone say it. So the question is WHO are the people saying this?