A new Take on the green new deal

I did some research that showed the US makes up 4% of the global population, if so a full implementation of the green new deal in any time frame couldn’t possibly have enough effect on climate change to make a significant improvement.
America has the strictest environmental and work place safety standards in the world,every time more restrictions are added third world countries produce greater amounts of pollution and toxins.

better decide soon only 11.5 yrs left


I would research emissions rather than simple population (although I recall that being 15%). And being a leader in the world is not a bad thing.

Yep…so our hypocritical, lying politicians allowed businesses to leave these strict standards, go pollute other parts of the world that didn’t have these standards, thus lowering their costs, then ship those goods back into our country, making Walmart one of the largest retailers in the world but putting many smaller businesses out of business and now tell all of us that we need to now pay a carbon tax for polluting. Holy ■■■■ people. This is another reason, I voted for Trump.

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