A NEW LOW: Veteran Forced to Sell House After Being Fined $100 Per Day for US FLAG | Sean Hannity

An Air Force Veteran living in Florida sold his house after the local homeowners association fined him $100 per day for displaying a 17” American flag in a flower pot on his lawn, reports the Washington Post.

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One reason I will never belong to a HOA. But it seems like this is becoming the norm. To find reason to punish people for displaying our flag. Am I the only one that thinks this is wrong.

You know what the rules are when you sign the documents at purchase. If you don’t like the rules, DON’T BUY THE PROPERTY. No one put a gun to his head to force him to buy it. Now in reading this story, I truly think its BS that this guy was forced to sell his place which is valued at anywhere between $160K to $300K over a $1000 HOA fine. I’m sure he was in all kinds of other financial distress if he was forced to sell.

i like my HOA. Keeps people from painting their houses weird colors and cars up on blocks in the yard, etc. I don’t have any problems getting along with mine. So many people thump their chests on the net “I’ll NEVER belong to an HOA”…well, where do you live? In the Houston suburbs where I’m at it would be impossible to avoid an HOA. Just keep your house and yard maintained and there’s not an issue with any HOA I’ve ever been subject to. Seems like it’s the anti social types or ones looking to be persecuted over stupid things that have an issue getting along.

When buying something that costs more than a few bucks, read the rules and fine print… duh