A NEW LOW: Veteran Forced to Sell House After Being Fined $100 Per Day for US FLAG | Sean Hannity

An Air Force Veteran living in Florida sold his house after the local homeowners association fined him $100 per day for displaying a 17” American flag in a flower pot on his lawn, reports the Washington Post.

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He was forced to sell his home because he is another in a long line of HOA hypocrites. They are the ones who want all the benefits the HOA offers until they come up against some HOA rule they decide they don’t like and don’t have to comply with.

All he needed do was get an allowed flagpole and allowed flag and display that but take the little flag off the porch out of the FLOWER POT.

Hope he has good luck with his next trial over this.

But I sure do hope he and others will read every HOA rule and think twice, or better, three times, before joining an HOA.

Of course we are only getting one side of this story.

The HOA hasn’t been contacted for their side of it, but since there is pending litigation, they are likely not at liberty to make a statement unlike Larry who is free to smear the crap out of them.

I have to side with the HoA here.

If you are ****ing STUPID enough to buy into an HoA community, then you must abide by the rules, ALL of the rules.

I would never buy into an HoA community. Then again, I would never live close enough to civilization where that would be an issue. :smile:


HOAs suck and should be outlawed. As such, I will never be a part of one

Are we supposed to feel sorry for him because he refused to follow the HOA’s rules?


Alternate,more truthful headline: Same As It Ever Was: MAGA Guy Can’t Read, Blames Others for the Consequences of His Stupidity.


I would prefer not to. If I was young again and not so decrepit.

Court documents, from a previous suit, it has been reported, stated that the HOA bylaws ALLOWED a flagpole and a flag on the property, one of their approved placement no doubt. But still.

But he was a stubborn old coot who decided to die on the “Flag in the FLOWER POT” hill.

To borrow a meme I saw earlier today.

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HOAs suck and most rules are enforced by retired people who have nothing better to do than stick their noses in the business of others. BUT…he chose to live in an HOA community…and he CHOSE to ignore their rules tho I’m sure he was warned multiple times before even fined once.

So…to the OP…personal responsibility is no longer a thing?

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Being a Veteran means you can ignore rules that you decide don’t apply to you. That’s part of the beauty in serving in the military. When i go swimming I never shower first, because I think that’s a complete waste of time. So far, nobody has ever challenged me on that. If they did, I’d pull out my Challenge Coin and make them cry while they bought me a beer.

Wow. Glad I don’t reside within a community “governed” by an HOA…I have flags, one permanent, all over the place at any give time. This is just sad. Sad, for America and Americans, HOA or no HOA.

The following is the rule he agreed to follow

Flags may be displayed only in flag brackets . . . installed only on the outside front decorative white banding surrounding the entrance to a Tides unit garage door, and be adjacent to and even with the lighted unit-address plate. The flag shall not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed, and flags may be flown only during daylight hours. All flags must be maintained in good condition.

But more the flag he could fly off the garage pole could have been as big as 4.5 feet by 6 feet.

But he insisted on sticking a 17 inch by 13 inch flag in his porch FLOWER POT.

Larry Murphree CHOSE to purchase a condo in that Del Web development.

Larry Murphree CHOSE to sign the HoA Covenant Documents when he purchased that condo.

Larry Murphree CHOSE that location because of its esthetics, its benefits, its rules.

At least until he decided the rules just didn’t (shouldn’t) apply to him anymore.

He is an arrogant old man.

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Wonder how he would have reacted to “the rules” if while he was in Boot Camp he had decided to stick a flag in a FLOWER POT next to his bunk?

Think he would have complied with the rules then?

While I agree with the suckage, do you have some issue with the free market?

Yes. HOAs blow.

“Free market”?