A NEW LOW: Dem. Rep. Directly Compares US Border Agents with NAZI Collaborators During WWII | Sean Hannity

Democratic Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon stunned reporters and audience members this week when she directly compared US Border Patrol Agents with those who simply “followed orders” from the Nazi regime during World War II.

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What is it with the constant name calling from the Dims? ALWAYS using Nazi, SSS, KKK, Hitler. I thought the left claimed the Holocaust didn’t really happen.

Best thing to do is to ignore the name callers. Giving them any sort of attention emboldens them. Ignoring them makes them go away.

I really wish that the Democrats would stop ignoring historical facts. Nazi was an acronym for the National SOCIALIST Workers Party. The KKK was and is a Democrat group that was founded by Democrats after the Civil War. Democrats were the greatest opponents of the Civil Rights laws until Lyndon Johnson, after that they decided to claim full credit . We are supposed to be a sovereign nation. As such, we have a right and a duty to protect our sovereignity and defend our borders. And ignoring the name callers, especially in Congress, doesn’t make them go away. It can make them more dangerous. Just ask the victims of the Nazis before and during World War II.

I would LOVE to hear this woman’s opinion on full term abortions. Also the bill re live birth after a botched abortion. Dems seem not to believe a child is human when he/she/is conceived.

What is this obsession with he Nazis?- why do the Dems always go there?- I think they secretly admire these people- I mean c’mon- they don’t have a real solution, they have no plans to make his country better- what have they done to make this country better?- AOC’s new grief deal that will bankrupt the country? Kamala Harris- no private insurance? socialist Bernie Sanders, who thinks bread lines are ok, except he won’t ever be in one, the Grand Dame Nancy Pelosi, who lives in a gated community, while homeless drug addicts pee in the streets?, or “mad” Maxine Waters, who is mad about everything, running around like an unhinged maniac, ranting and raving- this is what the Democratic party has given us, while the President is out trying to find solutions to make our country better

I think we have an obvious choice here, and it ain’t the Democrats

Just another example of the lawlessness in our Liberal Government. We have laws in place that direct ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT not just ice that these people have to abide by. They are not some radical force rounding up people and shooting them like dogs. For this law maker to speak of these brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day in such a manner is just criminal. She and all like her should be impeached. It is dangerous and reckless hate speech for something you quite clearly don’t understand. What is next for these stupid ass people. Police officers, FBI or any other law enforcement we depend on every day to keep our communities and towns and cities safe. These are hate filled communist who need to be sent home packing.

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They probably think that professor at UC Davis is their new hero. You know, the one who is calling for shooting all cops in the back and solving the crime problem by getting rid of ALL law enforcement.