A modest proposal - Admit 20,000 asylum seekers into the US this year

I propose that we accept 20,000 asylum seekers this year… Much less than prior years but still a chance for those granted asylum…

Who agrees?

Are you talking about Dems?

Noooo. There’s a lot more than 20 k of them that need to be in asylum’s. lol.

Sounds fine. We aren’t the worlds lifeboat.

There is a quota set by the government on how many can be accepted each year its 45,000.

majority of Refugee claim come from Asia/Africa.

Dont give an inch to these globalist libs. See the hate? See it? ■■■■■■■ libs, here we go

The irrational fear is even stupider when you find out that America can only accept 1,500 claim from South America and 900 of those claim have already be met so 99% of the caravan will be deported once they are processed.