A List of All the Things George Santos, the Scamming Congressman-Elect, Has Lied About

How can you tell when George Santos is lying???

His lips are moving.

That pretty much sums it all up.

He was never a landlord. (In fact, as a renter he has been EVICTED multiple times.)

His grandparents were not holocaust survivors and he is not Jewish, but has Brazilian ancestry in reality.

He never worked at Goldman Sachs or Citigroup.

He did not graduate from Baruch College.

He did not lose any employees in the Pulse Club shooting.

He did not run an animal charity.

The Devolder Organization doesn’t even appear to exist.

The one company that Santos actually did work at was accused of running a ponzi scheme, though Santos appears not to have been involved.

How the â– â– â– â–  did all these lies manage not to come out until AFTER he was nominated and elected? That in itself is simply amazing.

He is already being brought before the House ethics committee before even stepping foot in the House. And he is under criminal investigation by the State of New York.

While it will likely not be possible to prevent him from being seated in Congress, he should be excluded from the Republican Conference and should be denied any committee assignments, as well as being pressured to resign.

He may be the biggest Congressional turd since Michael J. Myers.

Other Congressmen, both Republicans and Democrats have exaggerated their record. Some have inflated their military records.

But I think this guy is unique. His whole â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  life story is a â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  lie.

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I was reading about him this morning. He sounds like a puece of work.

I started reading about Santos yesterday and he seems like the stereotypical amoral politician who could have just as easily been a democratic. He has no political convictions but just wants to serve his own interests.

Clearly the New York Times did not think this through when they started this issue.

How about Republicans oust Santos if Democrats oust Biden?


“Inflated their military record”. Is that a sanitized reference to Senator Blumenthal lying about serving in Vietnam?



You can add J.R. Majewski to that list as well, though fortunately he lost his election.

In any event, INFLATING your record and LYING ABOUT YOUR ENTIRE HISTORY are apples and oranges.

Santos conduct is degrees worse than other Congressmen or candidates who have lied.


At least he doesn’t have two cases of plagiarism to add to his lies. I won’t excuse Santos if you won’t excuse Biden and Blumenthal.
You were either in Vietnam or you were not. That is not “inflating”.


We should hold them all to a much higher standard.
Get rid of them all, start over.


Seem like the OP is more comfortable going after small fish instead of the big shark

Joey, the-liar, Biden.



Why not start a thread on Biden about that? This is about Santos.

Santos says all will be explained next week. Will be interesting to see what transpires.

Today I learned that a congressman Santos exists. It took a very strange rant that was way too cringe to read all the way, but now I know of this person’s existence. :rofl:


If it weren’t for libs…none of us wouldn’t know what to think. :wink:


Isnt the whole point of a message board to start topics and discuss?

I see plenty of topics started by cons about liberal positions.


It’s so funny i was reading the articles and i am like ok @Safiel ia gonna start the thread it’s too much to type for me :grin::joy:


He completely made up his entire history. Biden is a plagiarist and a liar. This guy is pathological.

Him being a Republican has nothing to do with it

The reflexive need to point in another direction is inexplicable

Props to conservatives here who didn’t need to go with the ever-so-predictable “Yeah but Biden/Yeah but Blumenthal/Who is George Santos” responses.


If it weren’t for cons nobody would know who aoc is…. :flushed:

Fun game.