A Landslide For Joe Biden? the Hill

Yeah the debate killed him, no joke. Biden went up four points nationally, up in almost every swing state and almost every GOP Senate candidate lost two to four points, which is why Martha McSally suddenly can’t remember who Donald Trump is.

Yes, they do.

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Oh there’s a great chance. Pollsters are notorious in presidential elections for being dishonest.

p.s. Pollsters remind me of Lucy holding that football for Charlie Brown…trust me i wont pull the ball away this time!

Trust me we will not cheat in our polling this time. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Just this month:

  1. We found out that Trump is bad enough off financially that he has had write-offs out the wazoo on his taxes
  2. Trump acted like a complete fool during the first debate
  3. Trump caught a disease that he claimed was a hoax
  4. Trump’s WH won’t say when he last tested negative for COVID, leaving conjecture on just how many people he exposed to COVID
  5. Trump cancelled all negotiations on the stimulus bill, then had an “Oh ■■■■ - what have I done” moment and tried to get the negotiations back on track
  6. Trump backed out of debate number 2, even though he is falling further and further behind in polls, then whined about not having the debate

And these are just some of the highlights. Any one of these would have done in any other presidential candidate - taken together, they represent a ■■■■ up of such major proportions that it is almost unbelievable.

But hey - Trump’s doing just fine - all those polls are wrong…

Even Rasmussen had Biden up by double disgits at one point


first lady on tape saying ■■■■■ Christmas”

Im still waiting for whitey tape


The difference is that more people are lying to pollsters this year in order to avoid doxxing and having their house firebombed.

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Hahahahaha… you believed what you were told . Hook line and sinker. :rofl:

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The answer is, no they couldn’t.

To get those meds right now, a COVID patient needs to be on death’s door.

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Hillary never polled above 50% in RCP.

Hillary never opened up a double digit lead in RCP.

This isn’t 2016, man.

Where can I get access to the database that has all the people that answered polls this year?



All Trump has left is cheating and sabotage.


That’s why the win has to be big enough to overcome these attempts.

The cheating? Yes.

The sabotage? Donny is gonna set some ■■■■ on fire before he slinks off to Dubai.

What amuses/vexes me, going forward, is the percent # of Trump regime loyalists who sign on to ‘gov’t in exile’ narratives.

Read your study.
Further, when the analysis was restricted to the 225 participants who did not report recent close contact with a person with known COVID-19, case-patients were more likely than were control-participants to have reported dining at a restaurant (aOR = 2.8, 95% CI = 1.9–4.3) or going to a bar/coffee shop (aOR = 3.9, 95% CI = 1.5–10.1). Among 107 participants who reported dining at a restaurant and 21 participants who reported going to a bar/coffee shop, case-patients were less likely to report observing almost all patrons at the restaurant adhering to recommendations such as wearing a mask or social distancing (p = 0.03 and p = 0.01, respectively).

Anyone who has ever worked in a call center knows how ridiculous that sounds. They barely give you time to breathe after completion of a call before you are on another call with those jobs.

And I imagine with online polling they can automate the whole process.

People don’t have time to collect addresses

:rofl: :rofl:

the person polled does not know that.

My word - I’m glad I don’t have to live my life so freaking paranoid over everything.