A Landslide For Joe Biden? the Hill

I honestly do wonder if pollsters are honest or not someone did mention once that journalists in the MSM outlets live in a bubble. And actual voters who want for either candidates usual dont say things truthfully when asked.

I haven’t seen much enthusiasm for Joe Biden i wouldnt consider polls as a realistic enthusiasm.

THE MEMO: Biden landslide creeps into view

A landslide victory for Joe Biden is now a realistic possibility.

The Democratic presidential nominee has a lead of around 10 percentage points over President Trump in national polling averages, and he is up across almost all the battleground states.


Some might suggest that it is just that picture of an intelligent grown man, being cautious and stressing a safe agenda against COVID that has pollsters thinking this way. Everyday people are tired of seeing the President run around without a mask, thumbing his nose ( because it’s not covered by a mask) at the rest of us just going to work and trying to protect our families, lying to the people about it’s severity.

He’s losing votes with his careless antics and now that he has gotten sick, and needed several doses of powerful experimental drugs, people are seeing he’s been wrong…and they are also starting to wonder, if I am not the president of the United States, could I get Regeneron and Remdesivir and Dextamethasone as easily as the President?

The cracks in his armor are starting to show.


^^^^ This ^^^^
Maybe its more UNenthusiasm for trump.



Jump on the Trump Train and join the winning team.

Goooooo America!!!

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Since 2020 started Biden nor Harris has so far presented any solutions for covid.

Everyday people are tired of seeing the President run around without a mask, thumbing his nose

Which people are you referring to? you mean the media which have being attacking him since day 1? i still havent seen any enthusiasm or actual agenda for covid by the democarts expect the lockdowns. And the usual making masks mandatory from Biden a few weeks ago.

Masks dont really protect your face from catching viruses.

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I am sure there is huge a enthusiasm for Harris/Biden is there right? have they presented any actual planning for Covid or not? or are the voters will have to wait till Dear Leader Harris wins the election to find out more?

Majority of the polls were echoing for Hillary landslide to. If i remember correctly.

besides the mulit page plan they have on the website and the suggestions that he started making in Januray - you are correct. SMH

I actually think it’s possible now, and I didn’t before Trump’s covid diagnosis. Trump could have used that battle as an acknowledgement of the challenges of this disease and pivoted on his weakest issue. But nope, “this ain’t ___” and then the rallies were back on schedule, so absolutely no evolution on the issue. My mother is an ultra-reliable Republican voter and was absolutely turned off by those antics. I don’t want Democrats back in power anywhere, but I’ll understand why when the inevitable happens.

Why don’t people learn from history?

They have.

you dont.

2016 Cook political report predict a hillary win with 278 EC votes and Trump 214. Rest toss up.

Today -Same report predicts 290 Dem / 163 Repub (Rest toss up)

They do. They learned that the models used in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014 were wrong in 2016.
They made adjustments on the model that were correct in 2018.

When you see polls like +17 three weeks before the last day of the election, you have to start at least asking the question of a landslide.

2018 was not a presidential election. But …cool. looking forward to it.

Tell me - do you see the difference between these 2? What are they ?



I’m not using this to delude myself but consider.

21 days before the election, Biden is ahead of Trump by 4.9 percent in the key battleground states.

21 days before the election, Hillary was up by 5.1 percent in these same key battleground states.

As we found out last time, it doesn’t matter how far Biden is ahead in California.

Just saying, always a chance.

All elections are a referendum on the incumbent and, well, these haven’t been his finest weeks even by the already limbo bar low standards of his presidency.

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Good point. Feels to me like a blowout for Trump. Trump signs everywhere you look. Pretty much a sea of MAGA hats whenever you go out.

Waste of money giving money to the campaign as they’ll never be able to spend it all and pointless now even to vote.


If he loses, it might be a while before a Presidential candidate tries to yell down his opposition so he can dominate the scene.

Funny… You didn’t pull this chart out on 9/23…

But you are right that nothing is for sure until the votes are cast and counted.