A Judge Ruled Trump’s USCIS Director Wasn’t Legally Appointed

I am glad you at least agree with me on the legal issue. :smile:

I was referring to the Federalist Papers, not people, sorry for that vagueness on my part.

They won’t

I am not sure they will even try to appeal this. Anybody trying to justify this before an appellate panel is going to come off looking like a fool.

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Then they will…when has that ever stopped them

If they do appeal it, it will get shot down pretty fast. And even the Conservative Justices have been sticklers on Appointment Clause issues.

Oh I trust your opinion. I dont trust trump or his base to think this out rationally

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Can he even continue to hold the position? Take a salary, in other words.

He is actually in another position in the Department of Justice now.

I believe he left USCIS in December.

Oh sorry, I’m dumb.


Some of the articles did not make that point clear. :smile:

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with the amount of turnover, acting positions, and people holding multiple offices its very hard to keep a track on whats going on…nevermind when old cast member returns like McEntee and Priebus.

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Blind ephor found an acorn.


Trump tomorrow on twitter.

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The Wiki enrty does not say that.

Judge shopping again? Seems no matter how many times they are over turned the libs keep trying this failed tactic.

They need to accept that elections have consequences and that they lost in 16.

Can you imagine that judge withdrawing Obama’s DACA policy because they found out the person who actually wrote the policy was not technically authorized to do so? No, that same judge would be going on about not disrupting lives due to some bureaucratic formality.
He could have used a different remedy in this case. No, he was just using his own authority to overturn the executive branch because he didn’t agree with the policy.

it did at one point. click the link…

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That’s quite a story there. :roll_eyes: