A headline you probably never imagined reading

A thread about the truly bizarre, starting with something truly bizarre, as a break from the Thug thread.

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“One judge went back for thirds. Only there would be a problem on that third plate of spaghetti that would derail all of Linda Anders dreams. That problem… a prosthetic testicle! The judge chomped down on a meatball and the silicone rubber testicle filled with saline exploded into his mouth and the jig was up.”


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When asked if she would like an attorney, she would only respond by inquiring if she had won the cook-off. Looks like she dropped the ball when it came to quality control.

Got to admit, the author has a sense of humor.

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At least he didn’t say this is proof you can’t take it with you…

Good God

At least I learned that there is such a thing as a prosthetic testicle.

I mean. It is a satire site. Their one job is to be funny, lol

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Yeah, I just got that.

Yeah … and someone had to THINK up this idea. This is perchance more bizarre than that Robin Williams’ skit about a Japanese tourist focusing his camera.

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That took balls to do this. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Boom boom (Basil Brush reference which I doubt anyone will get but makes me smile).

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Well, I had much more of a liking for spaghetti and meatballs when I was a kid.

After this story, I’ll pass :nauseated_face:

Somehow the Hall and Oates song Maneater comes to mind:

Oh oh here she comes
Watch out boy she’ll chew you up
Oh oh here she comes
She’s a maneater :notes:

My guess is even though it’s one of the rarer cancers, here’s a main reason for having one:

I’m now seriously starting to wonder about the quality of the help in the M E’s office if they can’t tell the real deal from a prosthetic.

Why would they autopsy the testicles?

Actually they wouldn’t.

A removal would undergo a biopsy to be sure

The right organ was removed, and

It actually was in a diseased condition.

Wierdo woman here was, um, seeking this part for her cuisine. I’d think after however many years in the M E’s office she’d be able to tell the difference—or at least think about a prosthetic as a possibility.

I guess not.

One has to wonder … how did she know that human testicles would taste better than beef meatballs in the first place? :wink:

Oh, that is just gross. :nauseated_face:

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Yeah, it’s humbling to think there’s someone out there doing “news” with this capacity for wretchedness.

If I knew I had eaten human testicles? I might not be able to control my gag reflex every time I eat something round-ish.

BTW, is this for real? Please tell me this isn’t for real :pray:

I’ll take my spaghetti without the meatballs please