A great political ad

this is just a well done ad. whether you agree with her or not and i have no idea her stand on any issues this is well done of any ad by any candidate in any party

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Yay! Another democrat antisemite in congress to add to the gaggle of hens!

PS her ad’s a lie. It was Armitage.

The ad is a lie…it was Richard Armitage that outed her. Comey and McCabe got off doing what Scooter did.

She’ll fit in perfectly in Washington when she wins.

You don’t think much of females or female politicians, do you?


Holly â– â– â– â–  I had to look that up to see what the hell you were talking about.

American Jews should be given a special label to appear on TV “like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison”

Yeah…she would fit in with democrats for sure.

Yes, Republicans don’t lie. Great point!

considering we have an anti semite in the white house that you support…

No. It’s the antisemites that I find disgusting.

So much so that he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing it as their rightful capital. You can’t make that claim with any substantial evidence. The gaggle, however…

The gaggle of hens need a blue eyed blonde to round themselves out with. :wink:

Another deranged fail. lol

It most certainly is.

Less than 5% female representation in Congress says they all don’t care for it much.

Nah. This is the best political ad ever created. Standard YouTube warning

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Okay and how many people know that. The ad is very effective. Lie or truth.

I think that’s the OP premise.

Nobody cares whether an ad is the lie or truth.

Only if it is effective.

Like Goldwater and the bomb.


Valerie Plame is cool…

This is the video I thought was going to be in the OP. Glad I didn’t end up wasting my time in here without Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts. lol

Lol. I actually think this one might be better:

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