A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling Chinese Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

This is an unbelievable story, complete with newspaper ads about a Chinese woman selling Mar a Lago visits to rich Chinese people- complete with Trump family meet-and-greets

Bonus- the woman in charge formerly owned a chain of massage parlors, which inludes the one where Kraft was a customer. Currently her business seems to be selling Chinese clients access to Trump and his family.

Nothing surprises me with this admin. anymore.

Honestly, I don’t see the trump family as having any allegiance to America. Only to themselves and money. Money first.


Yeah, would a supporter please tell me how they have any allegiance to America if everything around them is for money, money, money?

Agreed. They are like hoarders. Instead of hoarding newspapers, and trash, etc…they hoard money, and can never have enough.

We’re this any other president, this would be the scandal of the year. With Trump, it’s just another day in the office


Remember when the CEC was up in arms about Clinton’s pay to play shenanigans?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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Honestly you’d have to be delusional or deceitful to claim otherwise.

Massage parlors are unquestionably pay for play… :slight_smile:


I am old enough to remember Carter selling his peanut farm so he wouldn’t have any conflicts.


Yes but thats what a majority of the GOP buy into and they think for some very odd reason that if they align themselves to it that they might somehow scrape some of the curd off the top. The reality is they get pushed down into the turds on the bottom.

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That was all projection and cover…theu really dont give a ■■■■

In before “Mother Jones”

Rub n’ Tug…Meet n’ Greet. With this so-called Administration, no real difference.

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It will be interesting to see where donnie dennison’s loyalites lie if his son, son-in-law and/or his daughter end up against the wall.

Damn, wish I’d thought of that. :laughing:

You know that Donnie Dennison has defiled some portion of the White House just to say he did. Its his nature. Like a dog peeing on a tree. He cant help himself.

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So can “we” find common ground here and let’s all agree that she should be prosecuted by the same laws that have been broken?