A fair trial requires?

A Pyrrhic victory.

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Better than a Pyrrhic lose I suppose. (And I’m not looking Pyrric up. :nerd_face:)

In essence a Pyrrhic victory is a victory that is so costly it virtually is a loss and/or has long-term detrimental impact…

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very twisted logic,

those not being charged being denied due process, very twisted logic.

you are saying it

I never said those not being charge about anything.

The House conducted an impeachment inquiry. The House approved Articles of Impeachment (i.e. charges) and sent them to the Senate for Trial.

The Articles of Impeachment are the charges.

Here they are -->> https://judiciary.house.gov/sites/democrats.judiciary.house.gov/files/documents/articles%20of%20impeachment.pdf


Because some people have BDS.

As the Chief law enforcement officer of the land, why would a president ask for any investigations.

why did anyone investigate Trump while he was running for office

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