A dog shoots a woman in a car

Or the dog opened it. See it all te time.

The story also says three empty cases were found in the car. Never mind how improbable that someone would drive around with the console open and that a dog could get a toe on the trigger, but three times? That simply goes way beyond belief.

No you don’t.

Toilet “triggers” are exposed and require nothing more than a playful swat by the cat to operate. Gun triggers are enclosed by a guard that is barely larger than a finger and require a pull backwards of several pounds to fire the gun. The story is bogus.

Shell casings could be unrelated to this incident.

Important lesson to be learned here is - we need to close the dog show loophole !!! :dog2: :gun:


I can’t read this article because it’s behind a paywall but per Fake News Wapo it’s happened on multiple occasions:

A couple of questions I’d have to ask:

  1. Why was the puppy running free in a car that was apparently being driven (as it was stopped at a train track)? That in itself is dangerous both for the puppy and the human passengers.
  2. Why was the gun not in a holster? I always considered it normal gun safety to have the gun holstered (in a holster good enough to protect the trigger area) if it was out of the safe and not in use. Is that type of thing not being taught in gun safety classes now?

Because the only thing that stops a bad boy with a gun…

Ok, that’s actually funny. 2 bonus points.

It certainly happens. Usually a stupid hunter laying a gun down that’s off safety and the dog steps on it or they lean one in the same condition up against a tree, fence post etc and the dog knocks it over causing it to fire.

I can’t see it either, but even if everything in the article is true, it doesn’t mean this one is not bogus. Just too much about this one does not add up.

Nothing about it makes sense.

I’d love to know what make and model the gun is.

For every man who has actually been shot by a dog accidentally causing a gun to fire, I bet there are twenty men (or women) who are too embarrassed to admit that they accidentally shot themselves.

I’d wager it’s a lot higher than that.

I actually once had a dog eat my homework, my entire semester’s worth of notes for one class and my homework in fact.

When I provided the evidence to my professer he laughed his ass off saying I was probably the 1000th student to come in with that excuse and the only one to bring in the evidence to prove it! HA!

I also had one eat my entire wallet and contents once including my base ID, DL, carry permit and security credentials.

If you live long enough and do enough all sorts of strange things will happen.

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A dog got spooked by a high pitched noise and jumped onto a back seat, accidentally discharging an unsecured weapon, and THIS is grounds for gun control?!


I am opposed to arming dogs.

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That woman needs to buy a lotto ticket, holy crap. lol


I support bearing arms. I oppose arming bears.


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The story doesn’t pass the smell test, The gun was supposedly in “the console”.

How does a scared dog accidentally open the console and fire the gun?