A dog shoots a woman in a car

Luckily the woman is expected to be ok, so we can be a bit light with this topic

An Oklahoma woman was accidentally shot in the leg by a puppy after the dog became frightened by a passing train and stepped on a gun in the car.

Brent Parks, 79, told police that he was in his car on Oct. 3, with Tina Springer in the front passenger seat and Molly, his yellow labrador, in the back seat. Parks said a loaded .22 caliber handgun was in the center console of the car, according to NBC affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City.

It’s too bad that there wasn’t a good dog with a gun in the car to stop the bad dog. More guns would’ve helped here, as with any other situation.

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You can pry my gun from my cold dead paws.


Guns don’t kill people, dogs kill people.


This story doesn’t add up.

If the gun was secured in the console how did the dog manage to fire it?

Don’t leave a hot gun laying around where it can be negligently discharged, problem solved.


It must be one of those “killerguns.” It’s a good thing for the woman that it committed this violence and that the cops apprehended it when it when it was only a .22 … before it grew up to be a lethal .357 or a .44.

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You are right; the story doesn’t add up. And I t wouldn’t be the first time that someone blamed their dog when they accidentally shot themselves. :wink:


Edit: I agree. We need more good dogs with guns.

And here we go.

So can you explain how a dog can pull the trigger of a gun (three times, according to the report) that’s inside the console of a car?

Dogs are smarter than some humans.

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So are you going to answer my question or are you just here to throw spit balls?

I already did. Dogs are smart. Smarter than some people.

Dog is man’s best friend. Nobody said anything about women.

Sit boy. Stay. Good boy. Now shoot.

That does not answer the question. It’s just another one of your stupid spitballs. No matter how much smarter a dog may be than a human, they cannot pull the trigger on a gun that is inside the console of a car once, let alone three times. The story is bogus. The woman accidentally shot herself and didn’t want to admit it so she blamed the dog.

Pull up some you tube videos. You would be amazed at what animals can do. I have a cat that can flush the toilet. Usually when I’m on it. He’s teaching me about courtesy flushes.

child: the dog ate my homework

Same child as adult: the dog shot me

This dog is out to get her.

Love that the name of the dog is somehow important enough to make it into the headline.

That said, people will think twice about putting the cone of shame on their dogs after Molly took revenge.

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There is always a risk/reward scenario that must be weighed in making any decision. If…I feel threatened enough to have a gun in my car…plus a rambunctious dog…I’d have the gun placed in a position where accidents such as this, could not happen. I’ll bet this scenario will be considered in the future. Now that the tuition has been paid, let them reap the benefit of their diploma.

Story says “in the center console”. The cover must have been open.