A discussion about whiteness

So lately as in this year or so I have heard the term “whiteness” always used in the pejorative, but never knew 100% what they were talking about. I was watching a show on the BBC were one person said whiteness just isn’t working anymore, so I started digging to find out what this meant and finally ran up on this from the ‘The National Museum of African American History & Culture’. I am sure I am behind the times on this word so apologies if this is a rehash.

As I was reading the charts of what whiteness was it started coming clear that whiteness is western civilization. Rugged individualism, the nuclear family, the scientific method including rational thinking and quantitative emphasis. Hard work bring the key to success and a justice system being based on English common law.

I posted the pics below, what is it that the left thinks is negative about whiteness that is laid out by the ‘The National Museum of African American History & Culture’ because what I see and one can correct me if I am wrong is a definition of what western civilization is. I had thought the way it was being used it was just a negative term for white people but when I read it laid out it seems a negative towards the west.

The operative word is “assumption” of whiteness.

Take the idea of rugged individualism and work ethic. The assumption that if a white person is successful that they got themselves there. If a minority is successful it is because of some minority hire.

Or an assumption about the family structure of white people as opposed to black people.

Assumptions about culture and race is what I see this as a critique of.


Was this intended to be an indictment of “whiteness” or an impartial listing of those things that the writer thought “whiteness” encompassed?

I, for one, find many of these features/aspects to be positives.

I think that really comes down to what the writer(s) were trying to convey.

Well yeah… that is true of everything.

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That might be a lib’s assumption.

Better that you don’t pretend to speak for others though.

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Do you know the URL you got this graphic from? I can’t find it. I tried looking here: Whiteness | National Museum of African American History and Culture

Whiteness is a racial slur, but it was fine with the New York Times.

I don’t see anything wrong with her data.

Substitute whiteness with any other color-ness or ethnic-ness and let me know how it goes.

Like take the whiteness of Nickleback and apply it to the awful scale.

I don’t know where they got some of their assumptions.

From 60s TV aka leave it to beaver?


Talk about a fantasy.

I am as white as Casper the ghost and me and my 2 brothers shared a room.

Mom had to work. I was a latchkey kid.

Sorry to break those assumptions.


I am currently reading " The New Jim Crow" and a good portion of it is about assumptions of Blackness.

Those assumptions are not universally good.

Deep sigh. Where to start.

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This is best read whilst consuming a tuna fish salad sandwich with mayo on white bread, a Twinkie, and a Tab.



But Nickelback was already…oh wait nvm

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You quoted that whole thing in the very next post.


That is exactly correct.

It is about who has the authority to determine what the “truth” is.

It is about who has power.

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