A devastating question to the Left and the NeverTrumpers.



I just got back from my therapy session so I’m good to go.


First thing in the morning we should do a body count to know the extent of the devastation.


Heres a question for you trumpers. Wouldcyou want him convicted if he was guilty of the things people have said he has done?


And they won’t stop.


That’s why they call them “earworms”!


Hey all, I’m back and…

…wait, no. Nevermind.

Still devastated.


Let’s just hope it isn’t as bad as the devastation at the end of Avengers: Infinity War


The new trailer is epic.


I just saw it today. I can’t wait for Endgame. There’s a Dolby theater about 30 minutes from me - I plan to see it there.

Assuming, of course, we somehow manage to get through all this devastation.


I’m counting on Dr. Strange’s plan to get us through the devastation.


With him and Captain Marvel teamed up, I’m sure they can handle the devastation.


All is well. OP prediction averted like a bad Nostradamus quatrain.