A Democrat Compromise?


Perhaps you should start an NRA thread? Trying to change the subject of this one is not polite.


Not changing the subject. Just demonstrating the silliness of your dollar idea.


People who murder with assault rifles or any other firearm are typically not NRA members. So the NRA owes nobody, nuttin.


You’re not good at analogies, are you. I’ll break it down for you.

Your point about Pelosi was that her opposition to the border wall has led to the murder of US citizens by illegal aliens. She bears some responsibility.

I countered, using your logic, that the NRA’s opposition to any gun control has led to the murder of US citizens by those wielding guns. The NRA bears some responsibility.


They are asylum applications that are released in the United States not illegals.



You may want to apply that logic to your Pelosi example. I think you’re getting my point!


It’s not my Idea to donate a dollar. It’s Nancy’s. I just suggested a better cause. Ha!


So we agree Pelosi doesn’t bear responsibility for the deaths at the hands of MS13 gang members. Cool!


Of course not! She shares the blame with every politician over the past 50 years who have done nothing to secure the border.

We agree! Cool!


Dude. You’re not following the conversation very well at all. I already said the blame for both examples was silly.

You are the one that lacks consistency. You blame Pelosi but won’t blame the NRA using the exact same logic.


I do blame the NRA. I blame them for having the most peaceful and law abiding gun owners in the world. If you are in the company of an NRA member you have nothing to fear.

Besides. If not for the NRA I would not be permitted to sit near you in a restaurant with my pistol strapped to my hip. How tragic would that be?


I’ll take your nonsequitor as acknowledgement of your inconsistency. I agree, it’s indefensible.


You think nothing has been done to secure the border for the last 50 years?

Are you that ignorant of what is actually done on the border?




Okay. I will revise the statement to make it more palatable for you. We haven’t done nearly enough. We have been inept at border security. Which the thousands of murders, rapes, drug traffickers, robberies and other atrocities will attest to. Thanks for allowing me the chance to clarify. Are you ignorant of actually how rude your general demeanor is?


Illegal immigration via crossing the border is down 85%.

Sorry, but you’ve been led to believe something very different.


Well in Jersey it would be tragic for you as it is against the law to open carry, you would be arrested convicted and sentenced to a wonderful stay in Trenton state prison.

Better stay away from jersey.

We don’t welcome your kind.



Trump is a pathological liar. That is proven. No one should trust anything he says or offers with any credibility.