A democart lead White House and Sneate Might Look Qutie scary look at the Police Proposals

The democrats are all in for defunding the police. And making the police as weak as the ones in London.

#Bans Choke
#No New funding for policing.
#Bans no knock warrants
#Ends qualified immunity
#Ban Chokehold

The Democrats it appears are in favor of banning not reforming the police even as far by not giving police any funding,

A democrat controlled white house with Biden could actually end ice agents and border agents for all we know. If anything what we had seen with these anti police protests the democrats are anti cops just as well.

A single night without police funding would be chaotic.Even as much as a week.But hey Democrats know whats best for America right?

I am fine with banning choke and bu the other ones? no funding for police and others?

There’s actually some things in there worth looking at.

The disparity between the powers of the police and average citizen needs to be greatly narrowed.

No Knock Warrants need to be reined in a great deal but they still have a place in American Policing.

Choke holds are deadly force and should be allowed as a last resort when an officer’s life is on the line or the only other real alternative is shooting the suspect.

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Neck restraints and holds are of several varieties, some appropriate for use just long enough to gain initial control of a suspect, others not appropriate for use at all. The inappropriate ones should be banned completely. Officers should be trained in the appropriate use of neck restraint and instructed to discontinue neck restraints as soon as the subject is under control.

New funding should be restrained until departments get rid of their bad cops and certify the ones they keep are well trained.

I fully agree with banning no knock warrants.

I absolutely agree with ending qualified immunity. Citizens MUST have access to the courts to vindicate their rights against abusive cops.

Qualified immunity is always limited. If they are breaking the law or even department policy it doesn’t apply.

You must be acting within the law and in good faith for qualified immunity to apply, that’s why it’s “qualified”.

I agree with you on the Choke but you see the liberals want the police to make them look weak as they are London. In London there was a terrorist who was wielding a knife the police didnt do anything to stop till a bystander stopped him

Leftists dont want to reform the police or train them they want to ban the tactics. Banning polices isn’t really much of a reform.

We’d have to increase the number of officers on the street by a factor of ten or more to have the same kind of policing you see in London.

Do you think that’s really what these people who want to “defund” and “disband” police agencies would like to see?

The Brits found out that disarming the police was a really bad idea and now have increased the special armed response units by ten or twenty fold since 9-11.

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British police have not been disarmed.

They have never routinely carried guns.

England and Wales has 211 police officers per 100,000 people, which is at the lower end of the scale for countries.