A Dangerous Son

On HBO. A special on these mental young males. Pretty good.

The problem I have is the doctors. “Treatment” is drugs.

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There’s not much help for them. Our mental healthcare system is horrible.

I just found it, but so far not one dad.

They’re all addicted to electronics.

thats an excuse

Just an observation.

its not a reason

You don’t know that.

Conservatives aren’t running the governments in Colorado and Washington state.

I sincerely hope you mean the collective “you” and that you’re drinking.

yes i do…

No you don’t. Their doctors don’t even know.

im younger than you. Yeah i know…I was once one of these kids…Same type of thoughts etc…Its not the electronics

No you don’t. An army of doctors doesn’t know.

Good program.

oook…the kids are lonely, they dont have father figures in their lives, They are seeking out attention, they get picked on daily but people and nobody is helping them. Women scare them to death so odds are they are single. They are socially awkward kids who cant really play sports, who odds are linger in the woods alone " playing".

So they see these kids shooting up schools, getting attention and going out in a blaze of glory per say. So they copy that because they want attention…Thats an overall summary, some kids have true mental issues that need to be balanced out…

But overall sneaky, I do know…Better than you can ever imagine

First of all genio, I didn’t blame liberals.

Second, I didn’t mention guns. I put this in here because this is where the shooting threads are.

Thirdly, Centgov is not the answer to every single problem. I didn’t pick the states they showed the people from. I don’t even know two of them. In the other two, they are high tax dem run and dems are deciding what to spend the money on.

Fourth, if you could bother to look, you’ll find several posts of mine supporting improvements in mental healthcare. All of these people have access to obamacare, the show is from this year. Obamacare has been the law for what, 7 years?

These kids need help, not politics.

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They are not all the same. Even the 4 in the show are different. You know for you, not them.

they are overall the same…They may be individuals at the core, but the overall is the same. They need attention, friends and male role models.

Have a nice day.