A crack in Fox News' Trump support?

Going off the cliff is not the best direction.

He’s never been a fan, if you as me.

How is NK acting significantly differently than say in 2000 or 2007? and do you think “rocket man” had more of an effect than a mountain collapsing on their nuclear test site?

When you are in a traffic jam, taking your vehicle off of an overpass to a fiery death would also be a “new direction”. New does not always mean better.

I wouldn’t discount Trump’s mouth causing a mountain to collapse.

I think the crazy leader if NK is buying time.

I agree again but the ills of this country have grown, not diminished. No administration has taken on illegal immigration which I consider to be a major problem. Trump has been given four years to address it by those that voted for him. I also don’t like the politicizing of the FBI, the CIA and the NSA that was done under the Obama Administration. Hillary was just more of the same except she was the steroid version. These political atrocities that I have mentioned on this forum for years need to be fully exposed for everyone to see and presently, “we” are on course for that to happen.

Didn’t you just make a speech about context? Physician, heal thyself.

Pelosi has been stating off the wall garbage for years. That dumb comment was just one of many.

Now you’re doubling down on ignoring context? Ok then.

I’m glad your favorite politician doesn’t do that.

You’ll have to excuse me but Pelosi’s context isn’t in my realm of reality.

Did you actually understand the context of Pelosi’s statement?

I’m curious: what “direction” is it, specifically, that the country has gone, “over the last several decades”, that you don’t like? And what is Trump doing, specifically, to change that direction?

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there are not six things every day that are important enough to lie about … or care about. It is evidence of TDS that people even cite this lib narrative. Think how it appears to rational people.

It’s right up there with “Hillary Clinton is an alien” … with the videos of her seizures used as proof.

If the last year and a half has shown us anything it’s that Trump supporters don’t follow the rules they set for others

I understood his post. Specifically what is it that made you want him to explain it to you?

Specifically, what purpose will a more detailed explanation serve for people who have TDS?

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I’ll just assume you are ignorant of the context of her “we have to pass it to see what’s in it” quote. It really is a great example how people ignore context to create a political meme.

One would think so yet that is exactly what Trump does. Here’s 3001 of the lies he told so far

Most people don’t lie so much but if that is your reality…

yes yes. quoth the narrative …
We are all aware of the narrative.

Can a lib think for themself without the narrative?