A Country That Got Corona Response Right

Not even recognized as a country by the WHO. Nobody ever wants to help them, now they’re helping the world.

I read a couple of articles last night on how they did it. There’s a couple of things such as tracking through phones that gave me doubt, but by and large, I don’t see a lot there we couldn’t do.

They didn’t shut their economy or schools down.

A small model our experts should study carefully and learn from. They have thousands who travel back and forth to China for work, too.

As of this morning on worldometer - 438 cases and 6 deaths.


That’s amazing.

I saw Chicago’s mayor is patrolling the streets in a large group yelling at people for being outside and not at home. The mayor doesn’t need to stay inside and stay six feet apart, but dammit everyone else does. That’s leadership.


It is, isn’t it? Public and private sectors working together. The military mobilized to help.

A lot of things we did, they just did them a lot better and more efficiently. I have no doubt some of that was due to economy of scale, but as has been said, we are 'Merica.

I really liked the efficiency. Of course our system of government is not designed to be efficient, quite the contrary.

And mobilizing the health insurance!

Great job!


Is it far-fetched to deduce the Free Chinese on Taiwan trust their government more than Americans?

They didn’t hammer I think, they went straight to dance. A precision ballet.

Population of 24 million. Roughly 3 times that of NYC.

Trump was saying the same thing and standing shoulder to shoulder with other folks. But dammit.

Is it even worth saying anymore??


Responding to the poster who specifically selected the mayor of Chicago and their lack of leadership.
Just showing that maybe the mayor got his idea from watching Trump.

Trump go around threatening to arrest people? I must have missed that.


Where in your post does it mention that? I missed that as well.

And just like that…

Hey I am perfectly willing to call China’s bluff on Taiwan.

About a month ago, in a moment lost in the COVID crisis, President Trump signed the TAIPEI Act…a rare case of bipartisanship in this country…this act had the unanimous support of both the House and Senate. I am in total agreement with this move…I want more.

I dare China to make a “One China” fuss right now.

PS As much as everyone gets on the WHO…the WHO behaves the way it does because the member nations want it that way.

They wouldn’t even criticize the Congo for how it handled Ebola. They certainly weren’t going to get critical of China.

It seems to me they used ICS principles to respond.

We’re familiar.


What do you think about hammer and dance in Taiwan?

Yes but like South Korea they did some things we wouldn’t do here.

Aside from the obtrusive data collection to do vigorous tracing, they nationalized the businesses that sold needed PPE and other medical supplies…essentially took those businesses over, forbade them to sell to anyone except hospitals/medical professionals, and also slapped price controls on to prevent…you know…bidding wars and gouging from happening like are happening here.

I believe they also found people who owned personal stocks of things like masks and grabbed those too.

Would be…interesting…to see some of that proposed here.

Was it obtrusive or requested?

We didn’t do any of the production measures? Are you sure? I know in Texas, price controls were instituted. Couldn’t charge more than you did on such and such date.

Tried to buy Purell hand sanitizer on Amazon lately?

Trump’s team could have done a much better job at transparency, especially given the ■■■■ media we have.

50% of the country has 0 confidence in the government at any given time. And that’s a problem.

The Ruling Class never asks for help. They demand things, then tell us they did it for our own good. Like a bad parent with a child. They’re never honest about it.

And then there is the whole cookie cutter mentality. Same mitigations in Wyoming as NYC. It doesn’t pass the common sense test. Sailboats not motorboats. This store not that one.

“Look, this ■■■■ is bad. If you don’t wash your hands, wear a mask and stay apart, you’re going to die. We’re working on medicine, it’s going to take a while. In the meantime, we need you help us.”

Not $1,000 fines and jail time.

Millions of people out of work - who in the Ruling Class is not drawing a paycheck? We’re not all in this together. The same people telling us we can’t work are still drawing full pay. They never missed a beat.

You’re essential. You’re not. Good luck.

And because of politics, we scream “YOU ■■■■■■ THIS UP!” at the very same people and time we scream “YOU NEED TO ■■■■■■■ FIX THIS!”

We’re insane. Maybe the Taiwanese are not.

We did too, in at least one case.

You do realize, don’t you, that at the beginning of this, people WERE asked to voluntarily do things?

What we got were people that said “Screw that! I’m young and I’m going to Spring Break on the beach”.

Around here, there was a local pub that held a pre-St. Patrick’s Day wake, where 200 people were crammed into a small tent and danced, sweated and breathed all over each other for 8 hours.

Among the attendees were nurses and medical assistants…some of whom worked in local nursing homes! I know this because there was a Facebook thread on the Wake, and these medical folks…who should have known better…talked about how they weren’t going to let this virus prevent them from living their lives.

That’s what we get in a nation where the idea of any type of commons…any type of “common good”…has been knocked on the head as “creeping socialism” for 30+ years.

Not just “government-mandated” “common good”…the idea of “common good” itself has been knocked on the head.

Also it’s what we get when you have a spoiled bunch of people who think if they want it, they should have it.