A conservative judge rips into barr and trump administration

undocumented immigrant subject to deportation for committing a crime
guy applies for a special waiver to stay
immigration judge grants the waiver
board of immigration appeals revokes teh waiver saying only Barr can grant it
guy appeals to the 7th circuit witch disagreed with the board and remanded the case, ordering them to comply with the waiver.
They board refused…

teh judge,a very conservative judge,who justice scalia though would make a good replacement for himself issued an opinion ripping into trumps board of review sayng teh board is lucky the immigrant didnt ask for a contempt citation…

his exact words…

“We have never before encountered defiance of a remand order, and we hope never to see it again,” “Members of the Board must count themselves lucky that Baez-Sanchez has not asked us to hold them in contempt, with all the consequences that possibility entails.”

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