A Clear Demonstration that the Squad Does Not Control the Democratic Party

Many posts here have insisted that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “the squad” are either or both the leaders of the Democratic Party.

According to a report posted on the Hannity website, the squad’s slate of progressive primary challenges to establishment Democrats all failed in this week’s primary.

Fairly strong proof that AOC and the squad are neither leading or in control of the party… as long as you accept that the source for this article is credible.


Good news.

Yeah no ■■■■ they’re a bunch of first term Congresscritters, not even Senators.

The sheeple instead follow what their establishment masters say…

Or something

If you paid attention to all the serious discussion today among supporters of various Democratic Presidential candidates about what are the conditions of party unity you would have some respect for watching democratic processes in action. There is a lot of serious work going on.

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Between Bernie and AOC, the narrative of many of this board came tumbling down yesterday.

Fake news.

But it was never news. It was all opinion and interpretation, with a side of spite.

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The mistake you’re making is think the live by the formula Person Y is Thing That They Are X. When in reality, they live by Person Y Who Is Now An Influential Democrat is The Most Liberal Liberal to Ever Liberal.

Now that it’s not Bernie it’ll be Biden. It’s always someone.


Biden is the new Emmanuel Goldstein.

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Well, there you have it, folks, the Establishment is still in control. Take that!


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Too funny…you think you silenced em?

Getting the media to ignored helped for time being.

They’re out there running their mouths they’re just not getting the publicity. Establishment media has em on ignore.



the only people who think AOC controlled the DNC are Republicans.

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Well Fox News made it their headline for over a year, but yeah.

But no ones listening, because no one cares. That’s how it works.

And no matter what happens they’ll still think that until they are told not to.

has the “Squad” passed a single bill yet.

If this is the basis for the conclusion of the OP, at best…it’s weak. OAC is EXTREMELY influential…and that influence among libs and the country, is increasing daily.

Only in the minds of those influenced by conservative media. Cite one bill she has led the passage of. Cite one election she has influenced. Cite any evidence at all other than claims from conservative media figures.

This thread is a sigh of relief for libs that they are still controlled by the rich old white dudes in the democrat establishment.

Let them celebrate this one. All they’ve been able to do lately is mourn. :sunglasses: