A bunch of videos of resistors

What does arrest rate prove in this discussion? Is everyone arrested, convicted?

Look at the race of the victims.

Good OP by the way.

They go deaf and blind when you mention the victim reports. All those black victims, lying about what color their assailant was, tsk tsk.

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Narrative is hard.

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85% black? What is your point?

The arrest rate is 52% but that doesn’t translate to whether or not they were convicted

So you’re explicitly saying that black guys should be treated as much more of a threat than white guys? Wow. That’s. . .explicit.

Also bonus points for using a gamersriseup meme.

Beasts, savages, thugs.

…cuz “we” are all arrested applying the same criteria. Now carry it through to fruition and this statistic is horrendous…absolutely horrendous.

That’s an assumption. Just because anyone is arrested doesn’t mean they committed the crime they are arrested for.

Could it be possible that more black people are arrested because of police bias?

I’m more interested in the conviction rate, any data on that? Conviction rate doesn’t eliminate bias but at least it was by a jury of their peers… instead of a cop

Oh yeah…I forgot…systematic wacism is at play here…amirite? :sunglasses:

When you make up dumb excuses to attempt to whitewash horrendous crimes and statistics, you then become complicit in the very problem itself.

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No you aren’t. No matter what gets posted, you’ll go into denial mode because the truth hurts and doesn’t support your misguided agenda.

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It’s horrible that more black people get arrested for murder, as a percentage, than white people.

Arrest rate is fairly meaningless… anyone can get arrested for anything.

Just as possible as the segment of the population with the least amount of fathers in the home committing the most crimes. :man_shrugging:

All the cherry picking in the world doesn’t make a decent argument.
And no one has said that changes shouldn’t be made to reduce bad cops from the police forces.


So you don’t have conviction rates or percentages?

Not everything in life is black and white.

What’s horrible is why it’s 6% of the population and not 7% as the original 13% number would suggest?

I’m sure this made sense in your head. :rofl:

Instead of trying to be cleaver be clear.

If you look up the conviction rates even on homicide you’ll be shocked how few people ever do a day in prison-not jail-for it.

I too realize why the truth hurts you.

It’s a shame what has happened to the black family structure over the decades.

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