A bunch of videos of resistors

…not getting shot.

The craziest one is of the guy who gets up with his ass hanging out, beats the cops with their own baton and steals their car.

Not a single shot fired.

Another man gets in his truck while the cop tells him not too.

No shots fired.

Then, in the last video, a man standing compliant with his hands on his head is kicked from behind by cops.

I don’t think it’s fair to say race isn’t a factor.

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Your problem, I think, is that your videos don’t have any savages, hoods, hoodlums, thugs, gangbangers, beasts, animals, brutes, suspects, persons of interest, shady ghetto types in them.

Remedy that, please.


The last one is of a black man complying with police orders getting kicked int eh back for no reason.

Anyone consider using tranquilizer darts?


What would the down side be…

Works for lions and tigers on the loose.


No matter how many pieces of anecdotal evidence you care pull out, it doesn’t prove anything beyond those incidents. How would it strike you if I did the same thing with black men attacking whites?

They also take about 20 minutes to start taking effect. It ain’t like the movies.

What would that have to do with a discussion about police officers treating people differently based on race?

…because it’s all bull feces. What you should be looking at is that 52.6% of all murders charged, are against black males which only represent 6% of the population. If you defy a direct police order, then by your actions/inactions, you just exacerbated the situation towards a violent confrontation. Why do you just overlook that? Why?

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It has to do with pointing to isolated incidents and claiming it applies to all members of a group. If any group has reason to apologize to Americans, it’s not police, its black men. If the criteria is, lets look at statistics and people killed, black males, hands down, winners.

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It might be possible to get a dose that is relatively safe that works in half that time.

Better than having only ineffective taser or heavy handed firearm.

I am not joking.

We need to think bigger.


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You seem to be straying from the obvious point.

In the videos above, white citizens defy police direct orders and none of them got shot.

Again, that has nothing to do with white americas doing something that gets black americans shot.


It’s not race.

Maybe you’ll believe a liberal news source?

Why would they, they don’t believe all the other studies that say the exact same thing.

…but…but…the video? :sunglasses:

I watched all four of them. The one from Denton, TX has a strange uniform.

The others appear to have something in common to me (besides “WHITE”!). Without more information it is difficult to be sure, but quite different from the vast majority of the famous cases we are protesting.

Any guesses?

With the exception of the 1st one possibly.

Of course any of them could have resulted in a shooting. The one with the baton probably should have.

I didn’t see a link to the actual study. Do you have that?

reading the NPR piece, it sounds like the study concluded black cops were just as likely to shoot black citizens, which doesn’t dispel the notion that black citizens are shot more frequently by cops.

It’s part of the narrative/talking pts.

Does it dispel racism?