"A bunch of Black men have been attacking Asians."

They are certainly trying.

Here are more recent reports of anti-Asian attacks.

The images of alleged attackers do not fit the narrative of “white supremacists” so the attacks are ignored by the national media.


wow a lot of this happening

The reported attacks are in and around deep-blue cities such New York, Chicago, and San Francisco that went strongly for Biden in the last election.

Biden and Democrats are tacitly supporting the attacks through their lack of police action and their delusions about who is responsible for the attacks.

Dear Woke Asians: Stop Blaming Whitey - Michelle Malkin (jewishworldreview.com)

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they are indeed. but then everything democrats do nowadays is destructive, dangerous, etc. it’s part of their pathology

How many Republicans voted on the anti Asian hate crime bill?


doesnt matter. many republicans arent much better than demkrats.

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Given the well known history of Asians being instrumental in slavery and Jim Crow in this country, perhaps we should consider these “attacks” a form of reparations?


Zheng graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2019 and earned a Master’s Degree in statistics at the University of Chicago over the summer, according to the station.

Not a CCP spy student. A free will hard working asset to society.

This is a sad outcome.

My expectations on prosecution are minimal.


And why is that? Do black men normally get it easy in our legal system?

Man the Fox News Comment section is just wild.


Yep…They’re a good ol’ bunch of Muricans’.

You changed Cook County prosecutor to legal system…so figure that out.

Because all white juries in Mississippi in the 1950s is so much more…narrative?

It looks like it not just Black men attacking Asians.


You need a language warning on that.

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That wasn’t so brutal as it was absurd. I think the thug aggressors used up their energy trash talking and ran out of gas after 3 shoe whacks.

Why? What is this? Human equivalent of marking turf…on a public subway.

Thanks for the adding the label. Sorry I missed that.

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