A brilliant plan to handle climate deniers

Ignore them! Rather than insist that everybody believe exactly as you do, why not ignore them and look for solutions on your own? You have no right to insist that anybody share you beliefs. None what so ever. So stop the obsession. Stop the bickering and actually do something. Don’t know what to do? How about converting everything one of your roofs to solar panels? That would be 10’s of millions of homes moving off the grid. Rich liberals in my area do not uses solar houses. Well why the hell not? And for those of you cannot afford it? Apply for grants. Grants funded by Al Gore, George Soros, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Hollywood etc. What if everyone in Hollywood gave at least ten million dollars to fund solar power? That would equal thousands of homes. To be fair, some liberals are doing things. But is certainly is not a movement of any type. The time for complaining, harassment and finger pointing is over. Get off your asses, stop insisting that other people do things and get moving!

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You should be really happy we live in an interglacial warming period. And why don’t you know we are in one?

Why was the earth even hotter before industrial revolution? Why did it heat up out of the last six ice ages. Ice ages are the norm. Why did Mann Leave out the MWP. Why was there warming during the Roman times. Why did we have a little ice age? Why does NOAA adjust temperature data up.

Why do liberals continue to drive cars and heath their house?

Why does NASA adjust data? Because they are corrupt. As is most of the federal government.

Sometimes I just read the title while drinking coffee…:grin:

We could also cut CO2 emissions considerably if we all stop breathing.

in a post fact world everything becomes a question of beliefs

60 views. Probably 40 of them by liberals. And nothing but dead silence regarding a serious idea on how to reduce carbon output. Kinda makes yo wonder how sincere they actually are.

I’m just going to wait until we’re screwed then say we told you so.

sure is hot today.

Oh… wait…I guess that happens in July…


start investing in solar powered air conditioners.

Straw man. Half my neighborhood has solar panels, including our home. Electric vehicles more common every day. Plenty of progress, you are just not paying attention or live in a bubble you constructed to maintain your confirmation bias.


Then you are a good liberal. Most of your cohorts prefer to complain about the deniers, point fingers then do nothing. Libs act as if they cannot do a thing until everyone thinks like them. Hogwash. Liberals are in charge of trillions of dollars. Their greed is the only thing stopping them from putting that money to work.

Congratulations! But you can drive for days across America and not see a single solar powered home. It is far from the norm. My upper middle class neighborhood has zero. Very uncommon. How do you like my idea for rich liberals and liberal corporations to pool their billions to set up grants to promote changing to solar? Pretty good eh? Beats the hell out of simply whining about the deniers. Right? I agree with you regarding electric vehicles. Much progress is being made.

BTW. Why are you attacking me? Isn’t offering ideas a good idea? Calm down.

Unless we all work together, individuals cannot make enough of an impact.

That’s just the nature of the problem.

I’m entirely serious, which is why I didn’t bother to answer. What doesn’t every house burn it’s own coal too? Because it’s dumb. We’re already on the right track with large renewable energy projects, there’s not much need for input from the non-believers anymore.

People are watching. They see the coal jobs not coming back even after “overbearing” regulations are pulled back. There’s a lot less patience for a company upstream that whines about having to properly line their waste pits when they don’t offer those mythical fabulous jobs they promised.

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There we go…

Its all about big Government control. A LIB utopia. They get to tell us what to do, even thought they would be exempt from any burdensome rules they enact.

Market forces will dictate the outcome. Big government is never the solution.

That’s stupid. The market doesn’t care about public harm.

But markets do react to public desires.