A blessed solstice to all

May the solstice and the new year about to begin give us all a year of peace health and happiness

So mote it be.

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Merry Christmas to you too. :wink:

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You’re worshipping the wrong Son.

Don’t miss the once in a lifetime alignment of Jupiter and Saturn this evening. Look in the Southwest sky right at sunset. Jupiter and Saturn are close enough together to appear as one. This hasn’t happened in hundreds of years and won’t again for hundreds more! To happen on the solstice makes it more spectacular.


Check out that Christmas Star tonight right after sunset.!!

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ive been out with my camera photographing it every night as they get closer and closer. Im hoping for clear skies tonight but its 50/50. this was saturday night.


You married Christmas?

That’s a damn fine telescope you have.


actually its a really cheap one. a celestron nexstar 127. its really not suited for astophotography except for the moon and an occasional planet shot. for most night sky shots i use just a camera and lens on a device to track the stars.

In answer to your question, this very thread is an attack. Why is it in the religion forum…is it about religion? Why is it being posted going into one of the most celebrated Christian holidays? Why the use of the word “peace”?

Depends on your definition of religion, I guess. The solstice is a spiritual event for many people.

Because today is the solstice! It’s not a conspiracy, it’s the calendar.

Christians don’t hold a monopoly on the word peace.

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there are large numbers of people that are pagan that believe the solstice is a major religious holiday.
solstice is as religious a holiday to them as christmas is to christians.

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It’s nice solid starter scope. 5 inches Maksutov-Cassegrain is actually a nice small apertures…design mostly for observing planets.

SCT for those that are interested is nice combo while refactors in my opinion unless you buy really nice one will only discourage kids from observing night sky.

i used to have an 8" S-C before i moved t texas. donated it to a school before moving. most of what i do is long exposures 1-2 hours with a 250mm lens. i do a few hundred 30 second shots and stack them.

Great shot!! I saw it last night, but I’m afraid I won’t tonight. :sob:

Do you want to fight about the word peace?

I do think it means surrender and submit to some. So the word does not always mean happy happy happy.

Then you want to fight about the word peace?

Nothing to fight about. Peace means different things and is obtained different ways in the minds of different men.