A bill we could ALL get behind - Daylight Savings

This was introduced by two Republican Senators but I, as a proud Dem, would fully support it and am a strong advocate for it!


Just end it.


We don’t need daylight saving time in the first place.


I would argue we dont need to change clocks at all. But day light savings time is what we use from March to Nov. That should be the standard, end switching the clocks.



I 100% agree with ending this stupid ■■■■■■■ ritual of changing the clocks.

However, I think we should adopt standard time as the permanent time.

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Naw, I like it being lighter later in the day. It sucks going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.

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Things are fine the way they are. I don’t want my sun setting so early in the summer. If you want to keep the daylight saving time all the time, okay, but that’s the compromise.

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It’s not even the clock-changing anymore. Most of us have devices that do it automatically.

It’s just always been pretty pointless.

I think the initial rationale was for school kids, letting them get their chores done and walk to school with some light. But that doesn’t mean much anymore, let’s just keep it the way it is now. A kid isn’t walking to school unless they live next door to it.

Who is the dastardly villain from whom daylight must save the time!?

My car clock changed when a switched time zones. I was very surprised at that.

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That’s a different problem, and if Boston and NYC weren’t deeply tethered westward, economically, it would be solvable by changing timezones.

I think 4 of 6 New England states are already “in”, so to speak, with moving a timezone eastward. The problem is one of office times.

It’s actually just a silly posh Brit idea about sun time.

Changing sleeping habits is bad for the health. I’m for ending it period.

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Yeah DST is great in the summer.


If we’re not going to end it outright, then at least add the hour in the Friday AM on Black Friday.

Make that extra hour a marketing gimmick. Put super-duper door busters for that hour only. Totally embrace American commercialism and consumerism.

Or even do it on T’giving Day. Give grandma an extra hour to cook, and the rest of the family an extra hour to travel to grandma’s.

And give me the rest of the long weekend to adjust my internal clock.

Likewise let’s put the lost springtime hour on some long weekend in March. Do it on a Saturday morning. Give us extra time to adjust our jacked-up sleep cycles.

But best of all, let’s just stop with the game entirely.

end it.

No make it permanent. I like it getting dark at 9pm in the summer, I don’t want that changed.

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