A Ban on Wood Chopping Tools

This story appeared on a paranormal video


Murders were never solved, at least in part due to contamination at the scene. Eight people were slaughtered, 7 as they slept.

There was no firearm. Has anyone ever called for restrictions on wood chopping tools?

Of course not. This story should serve as proof that if someone really has in in for another, or even their entire family, they can access a weapon in spite of any restrictions on firearms purchases.

People who want restrictions on guns have always said that it will not prevent all murders. So what’s the point if the op? Just another anecdote.

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Remind me of how many mass indiscriminate killings have been carried out with wood chopping tools?

We should legalize bomb making. After all, people could just kill with wood chopping tools so why not


Woodchucks could present a problem too.

Sort of like saying because someone supports marijuana being made legal, they’re ok with other drugs being made legal as well.

Just no.

Concerns over wood chopping tools will be brought up when they can mow down dozens and dozens of people in a minute like like the AK 47.

Plus the ban is already starting!! I cannot bring my ax into stores, schools or churches.

And think of the deadliest of all animals, the beavers!

I am amused, bemused and confused why this thread is in the 2A grouping. In the many discussions I have been involved with on this forum relating to firearms and 2A I don’t recall anyone stating that an axe or similar tool is covered by the 2A.

Also, as others have pointed out the type of incident outlined is very rare and is hardly the equivalent to the impact and speed of a firearm. and the frequency of same.

Right. It’s almost like comparing wood chopping tools to guns is…just no?

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Yes, but have you ever tried chopping wood by shooting it with an AK47?

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When somebody massacres 20 first graders with some wood chipping tools then we’ll talk.

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The one’s trump grabs? The brother of Wally?

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Interesting you brought this up. It reminded me of another similar story times 100. This might even be related. The guy did this over and over again. He used an axe or similar weapon from the home on the entire family and repeated the process across the country, and possibly into Scotland as well. They never solved it.

I also found it on a paranormal website but this story has no paranormal elements to it. Nor did it claim to have them.

It’s called “Man on the Train” from Bedtime Stories. Definitely a sick individual.

There was a murder recently involving a firearm. See? People are going to kill each other regardless of what you do, so there is no point to banning or restricting any item whatsoever.

Can I PLEASE keep my biological weapon now???

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Man, are we lucky that guy in Las Vegas didn’t stumble across this method.

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Well one of the biggest used food chopping tools. Should we just change it to a “sharp objects” ban?

No. But we are lucky he didn’t stumble across diesel and fertilizer.

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Can’t believe I read this whole thread looking for a “chainsaw massacre” story.

All of them committed prior to the invention of firearms.