91% of Trump coverage by MSM is negative

Or at least that is what Trump believes.

OK, if that is the case, what positive things can they cover about Trump?

The economy is going pretty well, but that’s not because of Trump specifically?

So what else is there? What positive stories can the MSM share about Trump?

Considering what a negative person he is that he generates more negative coverage is not surprising.

He always has his personal propaganda network, Fox News, if he wants mindlessly glowing positive coverage.

King snowflake had a melt down…

He brings the coverage on himself. If he would shut up and speak only about his “wins” he may not get the same amount of negative coverage.

Also let’s not pretend that he doesn’t enjoy coverage, negative or not.

90% of the media coverage after OJ trial was negative towards OJ. So biased!

But the media shouldn’t be led on just by positive statements, if you get my drift. Although statements from him are considered “news“, the importance of each statement as news varies. But it’s his work that basically drives the coverage. And should drive it.

I thought he watched Fox?

Is he one of the dummies that doesn’t consider Fox part of the MSM?

One positive thing, just this morning (and thhe MSM is covering it): release of the 3 prisoners from NK looks to have happened. Great news for their families!

Well duh. He is a horrible, mean person who disparages people right and left and lies about everything, so of course, the coverage is mostly negative.

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The unsettling thing is the last line. Take away media credentials because of negative stories?

It’s right-wing Media Research Center saying that coverage is 91% negative. I’ll wait until Media Matters weighs in on this before I make a judgement.

Kim is playing Trump like a master fuddler.

I am happy the three were released, however, what the ■■■■ were they doing in a known hostile country?

Now if the Gitmo prisoners could reunite with their families.

The guy is such a nut job reporters are just lazily printing the easiest stories so they can hurry and get back to playing Candy Crush or eat un trendy restaurants.

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This was actually a very revealing tweet from Trump. He admits that whenever he says something is “fake news”, he means its negative towards him. So it has nothing to do with the facts of the story, just that it’s negative.

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well how can the MSM praise him when he constantly steps in it

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You’re right. The idea that “negative” equates to “fake” is insane. If a percieved negative story regardless of validity is published, it is to automatically be categorized as “fake news?”

Considering 100% of Trump is negative I feel he is getting at least 9% forgiveness if only 91% of news coverage of him is negative.


In other news, 99.34% coverage of Obama on am radio and Fox News was beyond negative!

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The guy is great at pushing buttons.

Fox does…