9 year old American citizen detained dispite having proof of citizenship on her

Until it doesn’t.

If you want to live in a Authoritarian police state but my guest.

You haven’t seen it and I’m not proving canadian citizenship.

Irony. You still haven’t answered the question.

I wonder who they voted for.

what question she had a valid U.S passport proving she is a U.S citizen she was unlawfully detained the government will be sued and her family will never have to work again.

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Trying to get the boy to sign a false statement is proof enough for me that these agents were up to no good and probably committed several crimes.


Okie dokie…I guess this is beyond you

Are you criticizing the Queen’s sheriff?

If true, excellent point.

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I criticize the RCMP all the time, they lack citizen oversight but let get back to you defending the government locking up a 9 year old citizen.

There is no defense for this or immigration officials not having easy access to a passport database.

Why do we even have passports when the issuing country won’t recognize their own documents?

I don’t know, it’s been a while since I crossed. What do you think it would show?

If you don’t have computers at your legal border crossing America really is a third world ghetto.

Sued for what? You don’t sue the Centgov.

people sue the federal government every day.

Can’t answer?

And for the record, nothing you post will ever be beyond me.

If you can’t rely on people simply possessing documents and having a way to quickly verify if needed than you failed before you even started.

Defending? Not hardly. Don’t try to assign motive to me.