9 year old American citizen detained dispite having proof of citizenship on her

Yeah, apparently the government isn’t capable of doing things like that. I already went over this in the previous thread where an american was detained for stupid reasons.

Look them up for what? Where do you look up your “birth record”?

Guys, what about this as food for thought: she doesn’t look like her passport because, gasp, children grow every year!!

Except these two cross the border EVERY DAY.

I received my passport in about ten days. And that was through the mail…

What did you show them?

you would think the government would have a database of valid passport, they could scan it and it would come up on a screen.

like at an airport.


You have the patience of Job.

Was this at an airport?

She had a valid U.S passport what other paperwork does one require to prove their a citizen.

the thing say “U.S Citizen” on it.

they don’t have computers at border crossing?

Oh did I mention adult passports last 10 years and children passports expire 5 years… A child can change a lot in 5 years

Would you be happy if your daughter was kept in what amounts to prison for nearly a day and half based on nothing but suspicion?

And how do you prove that’s her? Possession?

That’s true, a child can change a lot in 5 years.

how many pieces of paperwork do you carry proving your citizenship.

Absolutely not, I’d have blown a gasket and two bearings.

Ya that is all it takes for 99.9% of everyone traveling into the U.S.
Iv crossed the border hundred of times I hand them my passport and drive along, it takes less the 2 minutes.

Two. And a tattoo. You didn’t answer the question.

Tattoo don’t prove citizenship.