9/11 voluntary fund to cut payment by 50%

What the hell Congress.

Sick first responders and survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks will see payments slashed dramatically as the fund to compensate them runs out of money, officials said Friday.

The fund was created to aid people sickened by exposure to toxins at the sites of deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001, and the families of those who have died.

But the $7.4bn fund is running short on cash so it will cut future payments at least in half, its administrator announced Friday. Payments to survivors who have already applied will be cut by 50%. For those who file after 2 February, checks will be slashed by 70%.

Trillions in tax cuts for the ultra rich.

Billions for more military funding when we already spend more than the next 20 nations combined.

Crumbs for the heroes who came to ground zero in the wake of 9/11 to try to help.

MAGA, amirite!

Haven’t you heard? There’s a “national emergency” right now.

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Trump Admin: “We like people who weren’t caught in the toxic debris…”


But the $7.4bn fund is running short on cash

I assume that everyone in DC just forgot to top up the fund. I also assume they will quickly correct their mistake.