8 Years with an African American President + Many Black Political Leaders & Now Riots

I dreamed a dream. I had high hopes that special discussion groups would have been formed and the racial society problem in our society would be dealt with to ensure peaceful progress.
One would think that after one serious situation whereby a black citizen is killed by police unnecessarily all governors, mayors, police chiefs, and police organizations would have serious discussion to prevent such an occurrence in their city. These happenings are shameful to the human race. Politicians are voted in to spend their time addressing and solving public problems. They are provided with offices, staffs, material, and time to spend for the benefit of their trusting voters. What the hell have they been doing all this time?

Don’t know…same with CDC. They had 70 years to prepare for it.

Same thing with police…they had since the 60’s to train and prepare. Instead it seems “some” places they regressed.

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Unfortunately Obama woke up all the racists.

^^^^ send in the clowns ^^^^^^^

I hear a song. :sunglasses:

Making money by shaping policy to suit interest groups who can afford pay to play. Working class black, white, and brown people don’t have that kind of money. CHINA! does. Tech industry heads do. Gangsters and drug dealers do.

I am seeing a diverse protest and riot demographic. Youth appears to be the uniting force not race.

Lock down…blow out.

It’s not that simple.

There’s no easy answer.

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Just calling to his own…

Killing off our elderly and letting our streets burn is what they been doing.