75% think the country is headed in the wrong direction according to a recent poll

We’re getting into record territory with this polling now. According to a recent poll, 75% believe the country is headed the wrong direction, with only 25% believing the country is headed the right direction. Some further numbers of interest in this study - 59% of disapprove of the job Trump is doing, while 47% STONGLY disapprove. All in all, this is really starting to look abysmal for the president.

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Not at all surprising considering how deeply divided we are as a nation today.

The majority believe the nation is off course. The more interesting question is, is there anything resembling consensus (or even a plurality) on how to right ourselves?

I suspect it’s going to be difficult to get any kind of consensus on anything right now.

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I also suspect a lot of it has to do with circumstances beyond the control of any President.

How many want him to “order” the country open. Which of course he can’t do and would be foolish.

it will be 1861 again far too soon

It’s been heading that way for awhile now, the shutdown because of virus put it into overdrive. A friend told me the other day “Of all people it is starting to look like the doomsday preppers will be the ones who got it right” although I chuckled it is sad.

Only in the wet dreams of the airsoft army.

It does seem to be more a recurring fantasy, and less a jeremiad.

Not going to happen. Our next civil war will not be states vs the fed it will be nationwide with one group against another, pretty well a neighborhood by neighborhood fight between militias and terrorists.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out but the real problem is those, that contribute very little positive to their loved ones, their nation or themselves and believe the world revolves around their navel. We the people is now, me the people.

The world isn’t that complicated. If you want your garden to bear happiness, you must tend to it almost daily and it really is that complexly simple. So many think “happiness” just grows on trees. :sunglasses:

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they may be hanging in trees, but bear happiness grows in hives

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I certainly do. Allowing the riots and vandalism to continue coast to coast is sending us down a dangerous path.

I gotta question the 25% who think we’re going in the right direction.


I would add the cancel culture.

And the SJW movement to shame anyone who doesn’t kowtow to the movement.

(AP article: All drivers at a F1 race wore the “End Racism” t-shirts given to all drivers, but (gasp!) 6 of the drivers DIDN’T KNEEL, and the article calls out the 6 by name.)

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The media is a problem.

It makes me smile when people think they can shame me.

I had a preacher one time ask me, “How do you get away with tucking your pants in your boots? I want to but I’m worried about what people would say.”

I just smiled.

Had a guy tell me one time my gun was printing.

I just smiled.

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If it comes to it I think it will be between the anarchists and the military.

See how the anarchists enjoy facing down those tanks.

That was sort of the fantasy a number of libs had concerning 2nd amendment supporters and the military wasn’t it? :thinking: