70,000 valid Native American IDs made invalid for voting, SCOTUS approves

North Dakota’s new voter ID law with only a month to go before the midterms is a blatant voter suppression tactic in a super close district.

In her dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg pointed out exactly what’s at stake for North Dakota — 70,000 residents of the state lack an ID that qualifies under the new rules. That’s nearly 20 percent of the typical turnout for a midterm election. The ruling, Ginsburg said, “may lead to voters finding out at the polling place that they cannot vote because their formerly valid ID is now insufficient.”

Before anyone jumps on me, I erred in the title, the 70,000 is statewide, not on the reservations. The point is exactly the same however and it is voter suppression in your face. Less than a month for thousands to get a new ID might not sound so bad to those of us living in relative comfort compared to many of those who will be affected. Some will not hear about it for days or weeks or until they go to the polling places.

Yep… pretty much shenanigans going on here.

When a voting law negatively effects nearly 10% of the population… it may be constitutional… it is still a bad law.

Typically the less people who vote the better the turnout is. I feel this is a good development. Keep it up SCOTUS.

Yes, I’ve been reading about this. It’s disgusting and un-American, and heartbreaking.

The ghost of Christopher Columbus is somewhere feeling good that even he didn’t screw the Indians like that.

Kansas, North Dakota, Georgia, North Carolina…

And the push begins from the right to ■■■■ this nation hard…they cant win on ideas so they suppress people



10 Char

Do you all think that Native Americans are stupid. Do you really think they can’t get ID’s or don’t know where to get ID’s. I live within spitting distance of a reservation. They don’t have ID’s because of where they live.
My construction crew is made up of natives and only one in 10 will have an ID. You know why? Because of where they live. No one makes them grow up and become responsible citizens.
On the reservation they don’t have to have a drivers license to drive on the roads and hwy’s. They don’t have to license their cars or buy insurance as long as they stay on the reservation.
Maybe it’s time for the government on the reservation to get with the program and start making their people be a little more responsible.

■■■■ with natives and then claim people who are mad about it think natives are stupid. Foolproof plan.

as far as im concerned any native who is denied voting becasu ethe state says their ID is invalid should be immune from all state and federal taxes. the whole taxation without representation thing. I heard we fought a war over it

So its someone else fault…got it

That does nothing to make sense why the ID’s the DID have have been declared invalid a month before the election, now does it?

I mean, on the premise, I might even be willing to agree with you. That said, they could have also made the requirement post election, so as to make the allowance for an ID that has been good to still be good one more time.

I mean hell, they allowed almost 6 months for ID’s to be made valid for airline travel, and that ■■■■ poses at least as much of a risk as voting.

The voter ID law was introduced just months after Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, eked out a narrow upset victory in 2012, winning by less than 3,000 votes. Republican lawmakers responded by passing restrictive voter ID legislation

Looks like the law was passed in 2012/2013 time frame.

The Native American Rights Fund sued North Dakota in early 2016, arguing that the law was unconstitutional and a violation of the Voting Rights Act. A federal district judge agreed, issuing a rulingin April that blocked the ID requirement, but the Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit overturned that ruling in a 2-1 decision in September. The Supreme Court’s denial of the Native American Rights Fund’s emergency appeal means that the law will stand, creating a huge amount of confusion for thousands of voters whose IDs were valid for the June primaries but are no longer adequate for them to vote on Nov. 6.

3 years later, a group sued that it was unconstitutional. Supreme court did NOT have a hearing but denied an emergency appeal. So the appeals court ruling stands.

Not like they didn’t have 6 years to figure out how to get an approved ID.


Well, to be fair…the law was held up due to the 2016 appeal. It wasn’t allowed to go into full effect until this year.

In the interim, they were allowed to use the ID’s they had been using.

You cant win on ideas so you rig it in order to win…its that simple…that’s your gop for you…


Oh hey context snow didnt bother to post because why would you…because you need to rig the system in order to win…good for you.

because the first judge shot it down.

Maybe the greaciousness of the state officials hearts. They allowed use while on appeal of the appeal to the Supreme Court. Supreme court rejected an emergency appeal, so the state officials put it into effect.

I don’t know, do you?

No it’s the tribes fault. They want to be a nation with the United States with their own laws than they are to blame. They can get their tribe members the ID they need. Heck they can probably get the federal government to pay for it. If they don’t get to vote they need to look to their own tribal leaders for not providing them with what they need.