638K jobs added; unemployment 6.9%

How long can the Senate keep the Trump economy going before Biden and dems wreck it?

Not long. I am going to sell what i have left in the way of stocks.

I only have about 20 percent of my money in stocks and now am thinking i was really wise to make that percentage low when i did. I used to have a much higher percentage in stocks.

Mots of it is in the bank just drawing that 1 percent interest.

Good job president elect Biden

Ok kidding

Great news

Don’t forget to fire all staff with Biden bumper stickers.

Makes about as much sense

You’re likely right. Deals will have to be cut to govern, and the Senate does not have the guts to shut it down to avoid bad deals.

There will be some trade offs, but Biden will get his way on tax increases and a public option. There’s nothing the Senate can do to stop him from opening the borders to millions more illegals and the return of catch and release. Wages will be depressed, companies will stop coming here and go back to China, job growth will slow to a trickle.

If the stock market implodes then why sell? Buy more and when a Republican is back in the White House in 4 years you will make a fortune.

Yeah the country is pretty much screwed. At my age it isn’t going to affect me that much(i won’t be around long enough probably) but i shudder to think of the future for my children and grandchildren.

More gut feelings. Just amazing.

saddest thing is for the mom and pops. small business is what trump and the gop helped the most. giant conglomerations will be happy.

Because it’s really very easy to say anything on an Internet forum

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and i should care about your counter feelings… why exactly?

Giant conglomerations and foreign countries like China. They own the Biden’s so they will have their way with us now.

Small business and folks working at manufacturing jobs are royally screwed.

My counter feelings about your feelings of slowing job growth are based in history of the Obama administration which went through one of the longest job growth streak in the country’s history.

Your predictions are based on your gut.

You don’t have to care who said anything about care?

My feelings exactly. I have most libs on ignore. I just enjoy conversing with fellow conservatives in here.

■■■■■■■■■ obama had anemic job growth with lowering participation rates and anemic wage growth. what are we at now 12M+ in four months? obama didn’t have that in 4 years. according to all estimates ui was supposed to be somewhere around 10% at best by the end of the year. enjoy the next few months, then its over

It’s probably a given that the energy sector will be massacred under President Harris. Obama threw $100 billion at green energy initiatives that failed to create a “green jobs boom,” and this administration will be exponentially worse.


12m in four months of jobs furloughed due to the pandemic. As compared to having to rebuild the jobs market from it losing almost a million jobs a month.

I am going to enjoy the next four years snd the four years after that and the four years after that. That won’t have anything to do with you rejecting actual job growth. Pre pandemic job growth snd gdp growth was the same for like 10 years. There was a point that i conceded to i think @peek-a-boo or could have been another poster that what Trump must must get credit for is pushing the jobs market past full unemployment which lead to an absence of skilled labor for open positions. Good on him Mr President.

But to now claim that job growth will slow down to a trickle is not based in history or reality.

ending subsidies for small drilling operations who pump oil from lessor producing wells will curb supply. ending fracking on fed land will be a 15% hit off the top. goodbye energy independence.

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and what pushed it past full employment?

deregulation which largely helps smaller companies that will now be re-regulated.
business taxes making it advantageous to build/manufacture here… bye-bye

what kind of job growth would we have had without those policies? what kind of gdp growth without them? wage growth?

California’s AB-5 will be taken nationwide - it was a Biden promise. This will crush independent contractors by design, because Democrats apparently don’t believe that non-union jobs are legitimate.