6,600+ days ago, I opposed any military action, I opposed it in the interim, and now we see its sorry legacy

6,600+ days ago, in the aftermath of September 11, I strongly opposed ANY military action. I have adhered to that stance during the intervening 18 years and continue to do so.

Now we see the sorry legacy.

Trump leaving Syria and the Kurds. Regardless of what you think of it.

If we had kept our cool and never started these wars in the first place, this wouldn’t even be a ******* issue in the first place. The whole ISIS thing would never have happened. The Kurds would never have been emboldened. We wouldn’t be in this ******* situation at all.

I support immediate and unconditional cessation of all military actions in the Middle East and Far East and the return home of all troops and naval assets.

Yes, **** will happen, bad ****. It would not have happened had we stayed home in the first place and I ******* refuse to support a state of eternal war. Things will NEVER stabilize to the point where we can leave without **** happening.

I am ******* DONE WITH IT. Bring the troops home.

Our military interventions have a long history of not working out well in the long run.

Project AJAX

Short term success at best and disastrous failure in the long term.

Just ******* DONE WITH IT.

What more can I say.



I completely agree. I only have one condition: any Kurds that want to come here should be allowed to settle. They risked their lives under our orders and we should not abandon them to be slaughtered like cattle.

But that’s just me.


I would be open to evacuating Kurds from Syria and taking some refugees, since the United States is greatly at fault for their situation.


Exporting democracy, the neocon way.

Remember all the purple hands on the forum.

Crowing…now no one can admit their mistake.

And it was a-huge one.


we started this global war on terrorism, can’t get cold feet now.

Says the guy who was arguing we should have never left Iraq just the other day


Taking your ball and going home when you’re already deeply involved isn’t something that’s actually possible.

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we are in this together Canadian forces are in Afghanistan, Iraqi, Syria, Mali, we don’t like it but we doing what we can.

Unfortunately we have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

no no…

says the guy who argued we never should have announced we are leaving iraq with with exact date

but enough about failed policy built on top of failed policy

and that was years ago btw.

Unless the United States is willing to annex the Middle East, I don’t see any reason for us to continue to have a troop presence there.

tell that to the troop’s family in the telegram

Well if the damned seditious Democrats didn’t aid and abet the enemy it might have turned out different. :angry: Democrats never start (or vote for) war they intend to win! :angry::angry:

can we kill all their leaders and convert them to Christianity too?

dick cheny… you saw the movie

You could trying saying ■■■■ one more time, that might help. :rofl:

Sure. They knew what they were signing up for.

no one signs up for “pointless wars” but again, enough about 2009

The military doesn’t give you a choice about where you go and you go in knowing that.

Of course you don’t want to talks about your sudden spectacular 180 on foreign policy.


we started down this road, we have put our foot down on the global war on terrorism ending it would just create Iraqi ISIS 2.0 in a dozen or so countries.