59 percent fear deranged Democrats; 31% believe they will start a Civil War

Trump’s next Supreme Court pick might trigger it, they are in a meltdown right now.

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The Leftists have had their way long enough. It’s Conservatives turn. Thank you President Trump.

Schumer wants the president to wait until after the election. :rofl:


Crying Chuck Schummer. He’s on tape with Harry Reid promising to end the 60 vote requirement, if he became majority leader (which didn’t happen) Too bad McConnell didn’t use that as the reason to do away with it.

But for the SC, its still majority rules baby. Trump’s nominee should sail through. Chuck U Schummer will have something to cry about then.

Trump just keeps on winning!


Misleading thread title.

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No it isn’t. Explain why you think it is.

This seems pretty typical.

Schumer is itching to use the appointment to get Leftists fired up for November. LOL

The violent right is a leftist smear/myth. Nazi’s are socialists, leftist. The violence has been on the left side. Its a real fear, not generated by fake news.

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No one’s starting a civil war. Stop, you seem to be the only one wishing it to happen.

American Neo-Nazis are not Socialists. Did you somehow miss all of Charlotsville?

It will bring in the $$$, problem for him…the party is lurching left into the fringe.

And unlike typical Democrats, these marxists are proud to say what they are openly.

They don’t run as “moderates” like Hillary, Obama etc. They let it all out, and that is great for us.


This wouldn’t be the first time dimocrats have started a civil war in this country.

Seriously though, it just might a modern-day Fort Sumter. (libs: What’s a Ford Someder??)

Nazi means “National Socialism blah blah”. But I confess, I don’t know or care what American Nazis say or believe. They are a tiny fringe. I hope to the Democrat party lurches further left and becomes a tiny fringe just like them. They deserve each other.

Read your title.

Now quote the article you linked to where it lends any credibility to it.

You’re right…there’s very fine people on the extreme right!

You guys trippin.
There isn’t going to be a civil war, no mass outbreaks of violence, no lynch mobs, we already know who like walking around with torches. Please!

BAC, you should open your bible sometimes, You should know God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. You sound scared to me.

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Why only go back that far, why not go to the Civil War when Democrats seceeded from the UNION to fight to enslave Blacks, and the Republican party came into existence to fight them.


NRA training, and I have the insurance. Not afraid, ready.

Heavy con-servative source. Sure.

Because I live in today’s world! Besides, the sides have flopped over the years. Please tell me, what percentage of white nationalist voted trump?