55000 show up in the mud for beto

I’d like to see you make the arguement that 55,000 people in Austin Texas aren’t willie nelson listenin’, Beto voters. They pretty much go hand in hand. This concert happened about 400 ft away from a Stevie Ray Vaughn statue and across a river from a Willie statue.

I wonder if there was BBQ?

Well that settles it then. It has to be Robbie.

It certainly wasn’t Rafael.

I went for Leon Bridges.

I watched from a bridge.

They showed up to hear a concert headlined by Willie Nelson. Had there simply been a Beto rally, only a very small fraction would have shown up.

As we saw with Hillary, celebrity headliners weren’t able to put her in the WH and I don’t believe Willie Nelson will make Beto our next Senator from Texas.

It would have been if Willie was there for him.

Those people would vote for Minnie Mouse if Willie told them to. Hell I would if she was an independent.

The difference was Willie Nelson not Beto. :roll_eyes:



he was crafty enough to get Willie on his team. I’d take him over the guy who campaigned for someone who leveled personal family insults at him if I had no knowledge of their stances.

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Willie was told there would be weed, he’s not on a team.

I’d take the one with the best policies.

Wash your mouth out of course there would have been BBQ…WHO ARE YOU???

I think he’s stumping for the guy who will legalize weed.

Sorry, I meant free BBQ.

Knowing Austin, it might have been grilled tofu.

May have set a guiness book record for neck beards.


Neither one of them.

uh, Austin has Blacks and Franklin BBQ, two of the best joints in the nation.

Subjective at best. Which of them used to be a gas station?

And you completely missed the point. It’s not funny if I have to explain it.

Oklahoma Joes is in a gas station now…

I get it. Austin. Liberals. Neck beards. Just because they keep it weird doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate BBQ.

Then there’s your winner. Everybody knows the best BBQ comes from old gas stations.

Yeah, it pretty much does. Although I will admit they have one area in California that gets it.

Food is better in Lockhart though. Neckbeardism isn’t really as prevalent in the real world as it was five years ago. It’s mostly confined to the internet.