55000 show up in the mud for beto

there was a concert last night for Beto O’rourke in austin. It had rained hard during the day and the park was a mud pit.

55,000 showed up to hear willie nelson debut a new song for the election called vote em out

Screw the senate race, it’s sad to see Willie faltering, though it is of course expected at his age. One of these days he’s going to just drop dead on stage. Speaking of dropping dead, that song sounds exactly like Willie’s song “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”. His songwriting ain’t what it used to be either. He’s lived a hard life and I don’t fault him one bit, but I still find it sad to see.

I won’t be surprised if Beto wins. He went from a good story to a legitimate challenger. He actually has the edge in fundamentals, which is insane to think about.

Not a chance not here. Mind you it is odd both guys running wont use their real names


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Beto is running a perfect insurgency campaign. I think the race will be within 3 points, and he will outperform the party by at least 10 points in other statewide races.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: they showed up for Robbie? That’s funny.

This is Texas. Ol’ Willie could get 55k during a hurricane.

They didn’t go there for Robert the Fake.

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How much did it cost to get in?

Very true Robert the face Vs Rafael the fake wow what a choice we have neither have the moral fiber to stand using their own names

No argument. I gave up on Cruz a couple of years ago.

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Sad but true had the potential to be great but blew it. He will still get elected mind you kinda rock and a hard place situation

Agreed. He didn’t even have to hit Trump. Just go after him.

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The metro areas of all the large cities in Texas are blue. The border counties are blue. The rest of the state is very red. So it will be determined by the turnout. Beto has been raising a bunch of money and recent reports have him out front in money raised. I live in a red county outside of Austin. And driving around town I see a bunch of BETO signs and only a couple of CRUZ signs.

Trolling Willie Nelson gets you nowhere in life.

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Dalai Lama?

Remember when Clayton Williams didn’t take off his hat when he shook hands with Ann Richards? It was reported that there were quite a few Texans who turned against him for not being a gentleman. Some say that that move and his bad “rape” joke cost him the election. Recently I heard a Pollster from Texas say that Cruz had lost a lot of popularity by kissing Trump’s butt after Trump’s comment about his wife and his father.
He said that some Texans feel that Cruz has lost whatever balls he had.

The cost of getting your ass to and from downtown on a weekend.

It’s Austin, it was a cool night. Beto smartly tossed a party and a whole lot showed up.

We get free music daily and weekly. 25,000 is the usual at Blues on the Green and that’s when it’s hot out.


I would be one of them. I understand what he was trying to do, it doesn’t play well here.

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Just so I’m clear. There was a free Willie Nelson concert in Austin, Texas, 55k showed up, and this is proof of support for Robbie?

Alrighty then.


so very true Willy could have played at the gates of hell and he would still have go a full house