540 days is the new 30 days in wisconsin

Well they can vote to extend. But what every state should have is an Independent system with checks that go about 6 months to a year before people are purged.

“In my opinion, any election official who voted to ignore the 30 day requirment should be removed from the board. If they ignore that law, what other laws will they ignore or mis-interpret.”

This sounds like a parody ad. First they don’t notify within 30 days, then …murder.

I’m lost here. You quote me stating that if election board officials can’t follow the law, and they think THEY write the law instead of the legislature – they should be removed from the board. Not sure how or why you disagree with that.

And the 30 days to answer the letter is to those who have told other government agencies they have moved, but not notified the state elections department that they have moved.

It’s sound. It’s not like a randome letter to all voters saying . . . . respond in 30 days or we remove you. This is to people that probably shouldn’t be on the rolls in the first place.



I have been really busy the last few days here in wi, not too many people talked about it. All I know is it took me about 10 minutes to register here in wisconsin after I moved, took even less time then that to vote, had to show them my drivers license, it all seemed pretty standard and uneventful.

Walker lost reelection yet Republicans still maintained a 63 to 46 advantage in the state legislature. Sounds perfectly fair to me.

Good. Anything to keep libs from control.

So your endorsing injustice?

What injustice are you referring to?

Making it impossible for one side to gain power even if most voters vote for them.

Lol… Are you not aware Wisconsin has same day registration?

Same in jersey. Legislators pass amendment. Then it is voted on by the people at the next general election.

Two step process.


Keeping libs out of power is not injustice.