52% Approval rating


Cling to a poll. but when it tanked, says polls don’t matter/call it fake, but then find another poll that makes Trump look good. Rinse repeat.

Weird. I wonder how much someone like that gets paid.


Then you’d lose.

All you have to do is click the link and it shows the dates of the polls in their average.

No need to put on this act for us. We all know better.


I agree 43% is actually very good.

All the media and D wolf crying has been played out.



Some posters here have a 100% approval rating of him… so there’s that.


His disapproval is far worse than any president at this point since before Harry Truman.


52% among land line users who answer their phones for pollsters. IOW Fox viewers.


All calls made before 5pm… :joy:


Can we see your poll data please?


In other words; lesser people?




I conducted an informal review of the post history of certain members of the Hannity forum. :grinning:


Don’t trust Rasmussen. Today Trump is at 50-49 with a plus one approval. He was at plus eight two days ago. With their rolling three day average he’s going to be negative tomorrow. All of the other polls have him consistently in the low forties or even upper thirties. And they don’t have crazy ass swings. Will Trump tweet about Rasmussen tomorrow?


In other words, not exactly a representative picture of the voting public in 2019. I don’t even have a land line…do you?


When did it tank…

And thanks for thinking I’m so good, someone pays me…:sunglasses:


Those stinky wall mart shoppers.


That’s how you functioned during the election.

You would latch on to a poll, but when it was more favorable to Hillary than Trump, you’d call it a fake poll and then go find another poll that favored Trump. And when that poll changed to favor Hillary, you’d just to another poll.

And that’s what you’re doing now. It’s called “confirmation bias.” Or being paid.


I hope you don’t get your poll numbers from Trump. Because he tweets fake news:


This poll actually has his approval at minus 9, 43-52. But Fox posted it so Trump tweeted it. Because Trump makes all decisions based on what he sees on the channel that’s so nice to him. Which should be frightening to everyone.


Like a whole bunch of Trump supporters. They simply just don’t so their homework.
If it is on Fox News it must be true.


Except I post the source before Fox did…LOL!


Dems are making Trump look great!

Did you see Maxine make a fool out of herself on the banking committee…

She didn’t know the fed took over student loans under Obama…LMAO!