52% Approval rating


This ■■■■ is intentional.

It’s no different than the lawyer saying something in front of the jury knowing the judge will force him to take it back and instruct the jury to disregard it.

The damage is already done.

The lie now has life.


No. A segment of society more likely to approve of this man in the White House.


I’d disagree with the idea that Trump won the EC by a comfortable margin. The EC numbers hide the fact that Trump only won the EC because of about 77,000 votes (about 0.06% of the total votes cast) in three states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan) because the DEMs screwed the pooch by: (A) ignoring the states during the campaign, and (B) nominating Clinton.


They pay people to hose out the drunk tank, too. It’s not always about how good you are; sometimes it’s about what you’re willing to do for money.



Does pretending what my motivations are make dems feel better? It’s a lot like collusion delusion, wouldn’t you say?


55% was actually his disapproval, not his approval in that poll. LOL!


Oh well… He still has a good approval rating. And even better at Ras.


Oh, we’re back to Ras? That’s weird. You called them a fake poll back during the campaign when they showed Hillary winning. And you weren’t too keen on talking about them here when they go below 50.

We get it.


Just to be clear, 43% is now good polling for the president? And have you noticed that Rasmussen(worst poll out there) has him down to 51% and just a one point approval rating and will be negative tomorrow? And they’re the weird outlier.


Colin Kaepernick gets paid too. So does AOC.


I never tried to guess a leftist motivation just t make myself feel better. It’s odd! It’s a lot like believing Trump got elected because of Russians.


I don’t know what to say to that. I hope it made you feel better though.


Wherein the Director of the polling firm that Fat Donald misquotes corrects the record:


Still a good poll for Trump.


Sure, if by good you mean a total ass-kicking, to the point that Fat Donald’s dentures were knocked down his throat.


He’s more popular than any democrat, so…


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Link? It’s odd, because in head to head matchups against Biden, Biden is kicking his ass:


It is odd.

You tried to justify why all the Mueller avitars disappeared. Even after it was told that the reasons you provided were incorrect.


Be sure to correct the information in the OP. No one wants misleading information aka #fakenews